The Moon's Nodes: Shared Themes and House Placements

by Hank Friedman

Shared Themes: poisons, confusion, addictions, neuroses, lack of clarity, idiosyncracies, chameleon, overwhelm, selfishness, trapped by the senses, deviance, eccentricity, outcast, alienation, isolation, inability to be objective, sophistry (fallacious thinking), theft, crime, alcoholic drinks, drugs, skin diseases, cancer, incarceration, war, epidemics, cheating, confidence games, foreign languages, jealousy, low-class habits, slavery, accidents, restlessness, conflict, mysterious illnesses, sudden winnings, meteoric rises and falls, losing control.

The Nodes in the Houses

Rahu in 1, Ketu in 7: Intense inner drives to perform or achieve. Sacrifices in relationships to partners, whether dealing with loss of partners or with a partner with problems.

Rahu in 2, Ketu in 8: Lessons in materialism. Likely to overvalue or worry about money, security, and objects. Also, losses of close ones (possibly to death, disease, or addiction).

Rahu in 3, Ketu in 9: Many achievements and successful efforts, but issues with mentors, father, and with long-range goals. May alienate those around them by their drive to success.

Rahu in 4, Ketu in 10: An overshadowing parent creates a fear of closeness and being dominated. Obstacles in career with difficulties with pursuing goals and with authorities.

Rahu in 5, Ketu in 11: Intense preoccupation with children and/or challenges with the creative process. Difficulty in asking for help and receiving it. Life dreams difficult to achieve.

Rahu in 6, Ketu in 12: Workaholism at the expense of health. Intense drive to accomplish. Many unforeseen expenditures and possible financial obstacles.

Rahu in 7, Ketu in 1: Dominated by or power-struggles with partner. Feels unseen, invisible, unimportant in general. Forgets own needs.

Rahu in 8, Ketu in 2: Sexual dysfunctions and drive for intensity in interactions. Money and security issues dominate consciousness. Tends to "blurt" and/or to over-give & self-martyr.

Rahu in 9, Ketu in 3: Thirst for greener pastures. Skewed and/or fixed beliefs. Lack of initiative and/or the courage to undertake projects.

Rahu in 10, Ketu in 4: Early life losses. Their needs were unseen by parents. Deep sense of separateness. Strives for success in career and achievements, but often without lasting peace.

Rahu in 11, Ketu in 5: Thirst for new experiences and for fulfillment. Challenges and losses surrounding children, or lack of children, or difficulties around creative self-expression.

Rahu in 12, Ketu in 6: Foreign and/or spiritual involvements. Difficulty finding work or with co-workers. Asks for too little in return for efforts.

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