The Meanings of the Relative Distance between Dasa and Bhukti Lord

by Hank Friedman

This following is a brief set of key concepts about the themes that arise from the relative placement of the Dasa Lord and the Bhukti Lord in the natal chart.

Note: Always count from the Dasa Lord to the Bhukti Lord and not vice versa. E.g. if Venus as Bhukti Lord is one house behind the Sun as Dasa Lord, it's position would be counted as in the 12th house to the Dasa Lord and section #12 below would be the relevant portion to read and apply.

1 Birth the arising of the energies towards new directions

2 Acquisition accumulating, marshalling resources towards the future, stockpiling, securing

3 Endeavors efforts application of skills moving forward

4 Grounding, bringing to completion at one level, integrating aims into a coherent whole

5 Elaboration moving forward in alignment with Self, new directions

6 conflict challenges imbalances dealing with opposition, lack of cooperation, re-tuning and cleaning up neglected areas

7 partnering dialoguing with others and forming joint aims getting feedback and acting on it

8 running into obstacles crises endings retrenching eliminating what gets in the way, letting go of attachments

9 the final aspirations, the great quest, striving to become of greatest value and service, opening to deeper understanding

10 Employment, Bringing everything already done into focus, advancing endeavors further than before, realization of goals

11 Receiving rewards, accepting support and acclaim, allowing one's achievements to flow more widely and more effortlessly

12 losses relinquishment, letting go of what is past, emptying of one's agenda, being led, "following the lead" of flow, making peace with change

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