Teachings in Metaphysical Astrology

February 2000

Psychic and Supportive Astrology

When I started doing chart readings, I deliberately kept my psychic gifts apart from my readings, because I wanted my astrological facts to stand on their own. I believed, and still believe, that even without any psychic element, an astrology reading can be accurate and helpful.

What I've come to realize, over time, is that the more spiritually aligned I am, and the more Open to Higher Guidance, the richer my readings, even my astrological ones, become. And that far from "cheating" or "gypping" my astrology clients, if I allow my psychic Gifts to express themselves within my chart readings, I will only enrich their experience.

Along similar lines, I fell into the trap of "descriptive astrology". I cared more about accurately describing who the person was and what was likely to happen than about what the person coming to me really needed. And I've come to see what a mistake that was.

That the highest purpose of any session -- astrological, psychic, or counseling -- is to meet the client where they are, see them for who they are, and help them in the ways that they most need to be helped.

After all, the bottom line is that we can serve the other person to the extent that we are willing to be open to making serving them our top priority.

How much richer readings become with this foremost in our minds and hearts.

A Proforma for Western Transits

When you are evaluating which transits are most likely to impact you, you might consider, in order of descending impact:

1. Transits by Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to the Ascendant*, Sun, Lord of the Ascendant, and the Moon (in that order). Hard aspects (conjunctions, oppositions, and squares) will be very palpable and may be reflected in big internal awarenesses, emotions, and changes, and possibly external events. The soft aspects -- trines and sextiles -- by these planets open doors provided that you supply the "grist for the mill". That means that to maximize the benefit of these soft aspects, you need to voluntarily take on challenges that make you stretch, grow, and learn.

2. Transits by the same planets to both focal planets** and to any planetary pairs or groups that are within one degree of each other (e.g. Mars at 8 degrees squared Uranus at 9 degrees).

3. Transits by the same planets to the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) if not already examined above, and conjunctions, oppositions, and squares by Saturn to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and the conjunctions of Jupiter to the same points.

Note: When Jupiter or Saturn slow down to a station (turn retrograde or direct) within one degree aspect of any planet in your chart, they will act much more strongly, and should be paid careful attention to.

* As I mentioned in my article in the Mountain Astrologer, unless the birth time is very accurate (i.e. to within 5 minutes), transits to the Ascendant and the angles can be years off.

**Focal planets are those that are conjunct, opposed, or squared to the Ascendant, Sun or Moon within 5 degrees, trine or sextile these points within 2 degrees, or alone in half the sky.

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