Mutable (adaptable, restless, synthesizing) Air (detached, abstract, visual, verbal)
I (Self-directed, self-absorbed, youthful) Positive (Extroverted, expressive)
Third House (communication, siblings) Mercury (Curious, changeable, mental)

Gemini in balance: Flexible, adaptive, fluent (in languages), Speaker, ingenious, clever, perceptive, imaginative, inventive, improvisational, brilliant, intellectual, eloquent, articulate, young-at-heart, androgynous, innocent, charming, stimulating, refreshing, innovative, seeking, thirsting for understanding, poetic, visionary, progressive, reasonable, humorous, agile, dexterous, attentive, adventurous, independent, pixie, gentle, inquisitive, persuasive, educating, open, witty, versatile.

Gemini out of balance: impatient, craving stimulation, dabbling, superficial, flirty, inconstant, unreliable, deceptive, conning, conniving, amoral, cold, manipulative, verbally abusive, voluble, narcissistic, babbling, immature, short-winded, distractable, self-centered, lawless, erratic, complaining, nagging, gossipy, dissatisfied, shirking, hyper-rational, disinterested, hypocritical, flighty, forgetful, nervous, fidgety, hysterical, vain.

Medical Gemini: Lungs, arms, shoulders, hands; anxiety, hyperventilation, nervous disorders.

Gemini insufficiency: Rigid, uncommunicative, closed, dull, unperceptive, narrow.

Rulerships: Mercury rules Gemini and the third house. Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini.

Famous Geminians: Frank Lloyd Wright (LeCorbusier 2), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, JFK, M.C. Escher, Xaviera Hollander, Brook Shields, Josephine Baker, Barry Manilow, Paul McCartney, (Shirley Temple Black, Amelia Earhart, & Tina Turner 2), Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Tandy, Anne Frank, Joe Montana, Bob Hope, Rachel Carson, Errol Flynn, Judy Garland, Douglas Fairbanks, Jim Nabors, Andy Griffith, Raymond Burr, Clint Eastwood.


Astronomy: The First planet, the hottest & quickest moving planet (not counting the Moon), never more than 28 degress from the Sun (never 2 signs from the Sun), 59 days per rotation, roughly 1 year period (thru the signs of the Zodiac) as seen from Earth.

Correspondences: Glass, marble, agate, aquamarine; mercury, alloys, gallium; valerian, parsley, nux vomica (strychnine), celery, carrots, fennel, lilac, licorice, dill, nut trees; sparkling materials, azure-blue, pink, metallic blues and violets, plaids and checks; ant, bee, monkey, spider, greyhound, hare, all swift reptiles, jay, nightingale, squirrel, hyena, weasel; Wednesday; short incisive lines, slender curves; astringent, cold flavors; writer, disc jockey, bookseller, publisher, orator, linguist, printer, stationer, secretary, interviewer, architect, announcer, draftsperson, juggler, magician; respiratory system, vocal cords, sense organs, central nervous system, thyroid, hands; asthma, neurological problems, goiter, epilepsy, hay fever, paralysis, dizziness; 5 to 14 years of life.

Principles: Perception, communication, articulation, co-ordination, adaption, education, interaction, inter-connection, comprehension, elucidation, conception, apprehension.

Actions: Understanding, talking, expressing, mimicing, debating, attending, listening, seeing, knowing, analyzing, discriminating, scrutinizing, convincing, exploring, studying, investigating, experimenting, inquiring, interviewing, questioning,

The Gifts of Mercury: Mercury at its highest bestows the gifts of being a Voice of the Spirit, advancing the understanding of humanity, broadening the outlook, raising the consciousness, opening and changing minds, bringing the unconscious to consciousness, Divine Listening, i.e. enabling others to uncover their Truth and release their pain.

The lessons Mercury has to learn: Honesty, to look beyond one's own viewpoint, to persevere, to seek greater depth of understanding, to see how thoughts affect feelings & health, to descend from the mind into the heart and body, patience with those who have trouble articulating, to create instead of improvise, to aim towards and not away from.

The Third House

Eastern Hemisphere: self-determining Ruler: Mercury
Scope: First 3rd: personal territory & needs Mode: Cadent: digesting, connecting
Lower Hemisphere: subjective, personal Axis: familiar,here,3rd vs foreign,there,9th

The Third House shows our relationship with siblings and neighbors, our short journeys, our correspondences, thinking and communication pattterns.

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