Astronomy: The largest planet, most rapidly turning (it has a 10 hour day), takes 12 years to
move through the Zodiac.

Correspondences: Sapphire, topaz, amethyst; tin; clove, sage, nutmeg, dandelion, jasmine,
red roses, foxglove, chestnut, sugar cane, turnips, asparagus, figs, tomato; royal purple, blue,
violet, lilac; elephant, deer, whale, ox, dolphin, all domestic animals, peacock, stag;
Thursday; full, generous curves; sweet and fragrant flavors; philanthropists, politicians,
philosophers, lawyers, financiers, physicians, horse racers, priests, insurance agents; the liver,
posterior pituitary, hip joints, thighs, enlarged heart, diabetes, fluid accumulations,
epidemics, high blood pressure; 57 to 68 years of life.

Principles: Expansion, idealism, comprehension, compassion, questing (extending one's
horizons), conversion, compensation, devotion, acceptance, grace, gratitude.

Actions: Diversifying, increasing, seeking, proselytizing, giving, supporting, encouraging,
teaching, leading, inspiring, uplifting, exploring, meeting, anticipating, enlightening,
understanding, impressing, enveloping, believing, trusting, entertaining.

The Gifts of the Jupiter: Jupiter gives blessings, good fortune, faith, eleventh-hour saves,
opportunities, charity, and recognition to those under its care. When one is open enough to
accept everyone without discrimination, to see God in everything, to trust and embrace life
as a spiritual path and a gift, and to appreciate the incredible diversity of the Earth Plane;
these are some of Jupiter's gifts.

The lessons Jupiter has to learn: Jupiter can get lost in blind faith, and in a helper or
missionary role. Here we have to practice humility, to see that everyone is not the same or
as fortunate as we are. To fight the complacency that good times bring, and to extend
ourselves beyond our comfort zones. To open our minds to opposing views, and to face that
our truth may not be everyones.

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