Cardinal (Initiating, asserting, inventing) Air (detached, abstract, visual, verbal)
We (other-directed, adolescent, cooperative) Positive (Extroverted, expressive)
Seventh House (partnerships, contracts) Venus (Cooperative, artistic, idealistic)

Libra in balance: sharing, supportive, relating, agreeing, harmonious, balanced, fair, honorable, cooperative, charming, persuasive, accommodating, beautiful, creative, artistic, romantic, gentle, kind, idealistic, just, outgoing, elegant, sharing, democratic, gracious, coordinating, diplomatic, impartial, refined, graceful, androgynous, adaptable, polished, tactful, careful, responsive, compassionate, compromising, generous.

Libra out of balance: lazy, status-seeking, seductive, hedonistic, materialistic, manipulative, vain, superficial, deceitful, opportunistic, smooth, temporizing, niggling, cowardly, cajoling, compliant, codependent, peer-influenced, indecisive, naive, susceptible, needing approval, hypersensitive, afraid of rejection, vague, indirect, avoiding conflict, aloof, dabbling, overdeliberating, trifling.

Medical Libra: The kidneys.

Libra insufficiency: Unconscious of the other's point of view, self-centered, projecting, partial.

Rulerships: Venus rules Libra and the Seventh House. Saturn is exalted in Libra. Mars is in detriment in Libra. Sun is in fall in Libra.

Famous Libras: Evel Knieval, Thor Heyerdahl, Lenny Bruce, John Lennon, Jesse Jackson, Timothy Leary, R.D. Laing, Oscar Wilde, Groucho Marx, e.e. cummings, Emily Post, Annie Semple McPherson, Susan Sarandon, Suzanne Somers, Paul Simon, Olivia Newton-John, Barbara Walters, Johnny Carson, Margaret Thatcher, Lech Walesa, Mohandas Gandhi, Jimmy Carter, Michelangelo, John Coltrane, Sarah Bernhardt, Bruce Springsteen, (Moon in Libra at night: Christopher Reeve, Maria Callas, Machiavelli, Valentino)

The Seventh House

Western Hemisphere: Other-directed Ruler: the Venus
Scope: Middle 3rd: space shared with another Mode: Angular: initiating, leader
Upper Hemisphere: objective, collective Axis: I-Thou, autonomy vs cooperation

The Seventh House is the arena of meeting the other, finding oneself through relation-ship, interacting equally with another, and separating self/projections from the other.

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