Lord of the First by House

A Compilation of Themes

by Hank Friedman


+ athletic, healthy strong body, leadership, resistance to disease, prowess, common sense, practical intelligence, physical comfort, purposeful, strong personality, independent, good reputation

- multiple marriages, self-centered, adulterous, overly image and/or body conscious


+ king-like, like traveling, effective entrepreneurs

effective in relating to people, effective sexual partner, gains through partner

- short-lived marriage or spouse, penury, wandering, not socialized (isolated), lives far from home,

too lustful, may become ascetic later in life


+ scholarship, pundit, happy, good business sense, strong powers of observation, religious, foresighted

attached to family life, powerful speaker/singer

- few children, money & family problems, poor diet


+ accomplished scholar, adept at ancient knowledge, occult powers, gives good counsel, longevity

- sickly, thievish, much anger, adulterous, gambling, chronic diseases, deaths of family members


+ valor, enterprising, skilled with their hands,

respected, strong drives, adventurous, artistic, places much effort into their goals

- brash, aggressive, pushy, more than one marriage


+ lucky, eloquent in speech, support from father, dear to others, devoted to spirit, moral, charitable,

good family, gains higher education, good karma

- pessimistic, unfortunate, atheist, opposed by others


+ beautiful, brotherhood, very sensitive, well-dressed, self-improving, powerful parents, happy parents, property owner, many vehicles, ethical

- overly sexual, unethical, emotional difficulties


+ patronage, fame, self-earned wealth, ambitious, confident, successful in career, advanced degree, initiative, sense of life direction, leadership

- loss of reputation, interrupted education


+ powerful supporters, honorable, passionate, discerning intelligence, good teacher

- problems with children, given to anger


+ gains, good qualities, fame, influential, supported by friends, dreams fulfilled, many life opportunities

- many spouses, problems with friends, money issues


+ healthy, exercise-loving (Taurus, Scorpio Lagna), able to surmount obstacles and challenges, healer

- devoid of physical happiness, troubled by enemies, adversarial, disease, debt, impatient


+ bodily pleasures, helps others in need,

may become interested in self-realization

- no physical happiness, spends unfruitfully, much anger, poor, debauchery, gambling, pessimistic, immoral, unstable, significant losses, insomnia

            Important Notes:

            1. Unless Lagnesa is completely positively or negatively placed, both positive and negative manifestations of its position are likely to occur.

            2. If Lagnesa is only negatively placed (e.g. with malefics, combust, debilitated), then the negative manifestations predominate.

            3. If Lagnesa has only positive influences (e.g. strong by sign, aspected by benefics and no malefics) then the positive themes alone will prevail.

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