Teachings in Metaphysical Astrology

March 2001

The Houses

Understanding the houses is one of the areas in astrology that simply begs for (and profits greatly from) cross-pollination from different astrologies.

For example, Horary astrology adds meanings to the houses that most modern Western astrologers are unaware of, yet would find very useful.

Here is a table of some of the meanings of the houses by different astrological systems:

Modern Western
First House
body, self-image, persona, vitality yourself, head, your state of mind, face your charisma, fame, physicality
Second House
money self-esteem, possessions, roots rights of ownership, neck, wealth oral traditions, family, voice, adornments
Third House
mind, correspondence communication news, immediate environment, siblings courage, the arts, manual activities
Fourth House
home, mother, family, emotional defenses father, lands, endings, buried treasure land, agriculture, happiness, vehicles, education
Fifth House
children, creativity, speculation, play inventions, romance, hobbies, indulgence intelligence, wisdom discernment, counsel
Sixth House
work environs, work, co-workers, health employees, servitude, labor, small animals conflict, anxiety, health workers, debt
Seventh House
marriage, spouse, business partner adversary in lawsuit, war, opponents sexual appetite, self- employment, brokers
Eighth House
death, psychotherapy, transforming, occult joint finances, loans, legacies, elimination crises, losses, grief, scandals, obstacles
Ninth House
travel, religion, higher education, pilgrimage, science, clergy, philosophy father, mentors, luck, intuitive knowing
Tenth House
career, father, rules, success, achievement government, kings, the judge, honor(s) status, fame, actions, managing, commerce
Eleventh House
friends, groups, hopes, mass media acquaintances, clubs, desires, colleagues easy money + support older siblings
Twelfth House
hidden strengths and weaknesses, suffering confinement, secret enemies, self-undoing sexual joys, expenses, sleep, enlightenment

Vaastu, part 1:

I just completed the Vedic Astrology Advanced Course with Hart de Fouw, who is an excellent teacher.

He began to teach us the rudiments of Vaastu, the Indian spiritual field analogous to Chinese Feng Shui.

Essentially Feng Shui and Vaastu are methods of working with physical space, location, and objects to arrange your home and workspace to function in better alignment with the Universe.

The preliminary method I'm about to share with you helps you to determine what planet is (or pair of planets are) the dominant energy of your home. If such planets are well-placed in your chart, then your home will support you in your endeavors. The placement of the dominant planet(s) (by sign, house, house rulership, condition, yogas) also will tell you what themes and areas of your life will be emphasized during your stay in this home.

1. First measure the front of your house (the face of your house where the front door is) with a tape measure. Divide the width by 9, and assign to each 1/9th section the following planets (from North to South, or East to West):

Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu (the North Node), Ketu (the South Node).

2. Next, measure from the Northern or Eastern edge of your home to both the near and far edges of the front door, to ascertain in which of the nine segments the front door falls within.

3. These planets are the dominant force in your home. See where these planets are in the charts of all of the occupants of your house, and therefore what themes predominate.

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