Astronomy: Fourth planet from the Sun, the red planet, the size of Earth, 24 hour day, four
seasons, 2 year period (through the signs of the Zodiac) as seen from Earth.

Correspondences: Lodestone, ruby, bloodstone, coral, flint, cinnabar; arsenic, sulphur, iron,
steel; weapons, knives, spears; coffee, ginger, chili, peppermint, radish; red, scarlet, carmine;
eagle, spiders, beasts of prey, insects; Tuesday; sharp angles and points; acids and pungent
odors; the Army, surgeons, butchers, tanners, carpenters, athletes, dentists, mechanics,
fireman; the head, blood, muscles, gonads, eliminative organs, adrenals, sympathetic nervous
system; fever, headaches, eyestrain, accidents, bruising, cuts, burns, eruptions; 42 to 56 years
of life.

Principles: Action, force, power, survival, heat, energy, arousal, drive, strength, self-assertion,
passion, sex, territoriality, intensity, physicality, separateness, mastery of the Earth plane.

Actions: Thrusting, marching, hunting, fighting, confronting, taking, commanding, erecting,
cutting, competing, attacking, beating, defending, encountering, conquering, raping,
destroying, exploding, eliminating, clearing.

The Gifts of Mars: Setting appropriate boundaries and limits, feeling the life force flowing
through your body, attaining proficiency at sports, expressing God through the body (e.g.
dancing, Tantric sex, Aikido, and Tai Chi), radiant health, free expression and release of
inner feelings, protecting and defending one's loved ones, brilliantly advancing and
pioneering new horizons, dealing with issues directly,

The lessons Mars has to learn: Patience, compassion, forgiveness, receptivity, cooperation,
facing oneself honestly, learning from one's mistakes, walking in another's shoes, persevering
when things bog down, looking before leaping, and listening.

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