The Moon

Astronomy: The Moon is so large that it is considered by astronomers as not a moon but a
second planet, the Earth and Moon orbit around a common center; the Moon revolves
around this center every 27 days, and causes the tides of the oceans.

Correspondences: Opal, moonstone, pearl, all soft stones; silver, aluminum; melons,
pumpkin, mushrooms, watercress, lettuce, willows; opalescent & iridescent colors, silver,
gray, white, yellowish-white; shellfish, frogs, ducks, owl, cow, horse, snails, tortoise, mouse;
Monday; irregular curves, crooked lines; insipid and odorless flavors; midwife, nurse,
gynecologist, obstetrician, governess, fishermen, purveyors of food, dealers in liquids,
advertising, estate agents, baker; breasts, pancreas, digestive & lymphatic systems,
sympathetic nervous system, female reproductive system; diabetes, hypoglycemia, bladder
and kidney disorders, asthma, carcinoma; the first four years of life.

Principles: Fertility, Yin, mother, female, receptive, cyclicity, rhythms, night, depths,
unconscious, subconscious, habits, defenses, instincts, the womb, gestation, actuation,
change, development, adaptation, self-preservation, sustenance, union, surrender, nature.

Actions: Parenting, protecting, defending, nurturing, watering, adapting, withdrawing,
possessing, containing, supporting, receiving, softening, flowing, fluctuating, bonding,
holding, creating, animating, domesticating, nesting, romanticizing, remembering, affiliating,
introspecting, emoting, fantasizing, dreaming, bringing things to fruition.

The Gifts of Moon: The deepest love, with complete selflessness and openness. An instinctive
and spiritual connection with Mother Nature and Goddesses. An awareness of the Sacred
rhythm to life, and the music within it. The ability to relinquish control, to surrender and
become the vessel for a Higher Source. The awareness of exactly what is needed in a
situation, and the instinct to fulfill it.

The lessons Moon has to learn: To bring to consciousness what is hidden to self. To sort out
one's own feelings from others. To live in the present, instead of the past or fantasy. To
witness self in present time, especially when agitated. To let go of others, and objects, when
it's time. To "teach others to fish" instead of fostering dependency.

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