Nakshatra Lecture by James Kelleher

          Krishnamurti uses Nakshatra dispositor in prediction. E.g. Jupiter ruler of 2nd for Scorpio Ascendant in 11th in Virgo in Hasta, Moon in 12th (Hasta's ruler is the Moon), person should make money (Dhana yoga) but during Jupiter period, person loses money (due to Nakshatra dispositor Moon in 12th). Judging dasa periods based on position of dispositor (of maha and bhukti planets' Nakshatras).

          Look at the translation of the names of each of the Gods to get additional information on each Nakshatra.

          Venus in Magha : beauty parlor (thrones)

          Ashwini: Twins

                    Often has best friend that looks just (or is) like them

                    Ashwini Kumars -- healers -- road around in golden chariots and would rescue and heal the Gods and Goddesses through their herbal potions. They grew the healing herbs, horses heads, healing, alternative healing, gardening and agriculture.

(In 4th house, mother might like gardening). Ketu is ruler.

          Bharani: Womb Yama: God of Death

          Procreativity, creativity, slowly developing within -- mulling over -- (e.g. a thought) finally giving birth, gynecological issues, the womb itself,

          Yama - the restrainer -- brings up other issues: restraint, binder, judge and judging, going to jail, trouble with law, upholders of the law, feeling restrained or bound, death issues, e.g. working in hospice.

also the idea of Utopianism: a new ideal world, a brave new society.


          Krittika: Razor edge Agni

          cutting things, sharp things, technical minds, sharp minds with edges to them,

fiery, leadership oriented, Leo-like quality: those with bold, big plans, do tend to be prone to hot, passionate, seductive side, attracted to other people's wives.

(Agni has almost too many associations)

          Rohini: The ox cart Brahma

          Creativity, magnifies everything, gives rise to it. Improving. If you have money planets in Rohini it thrives, prospers, is blessed. Abundance. Favorite wife of the Moon. He fell in love with her because she excelled in all of music and the arts, especially dancing, and the sexual arts (skilled in the conjugal arts). They often love to dance. Other women are jealous of them (have a charge on them). They have a strong dose of feminine creative energy. To nip jealousy in bud, Rohini person should praise the other person, make them feel special, immediately. (Moon in Rohini in 11th, elder sister loves to dance.) Dramatic. The ox cart: pickup trucks and utility vehicles?

          Mrigashirsha: Deer's head Soma: The Moon

          Brahma was attracted to his daughter, she took form of deer to escape, Brahma took form of stag to pursue her, Shiva or Indra cut off head of Brahma to protect her, and his head became the constellation. Passion, unwise passions, constantly searching, preyer or prey, attracted to friend's wife, promiscuity, incest, suffering the consequences of unwise sexual attachments, sensitivity, good researchers, curious, good at finding things. (Afflicted Moon in Mrigashirsha in 9th, incest with father)

          Soma also seduced the wives of sages. Divine nectar: alcohol and drugs???


          Ardra: Teardrop Rudra

          Emotional, tears, crying, tears as legitimate release, going through anguish, rain and storms, (he encounters storms when he travels, planet in 12th in Ardra), stormy weather as a metaphor, e.g. my Ardra in the 11th -- storms with friends. Lightning bolts.

with my Sun in Ardra, I work with those who emotionally suffer, because Sun is the career planet, lots of people with Sun in Ardra e.g. psychologists deal with people in anguish.

          Punarvasu: Aditi: the Mother of all of the gods Quiver of Arrows

          Arrow goes out from bow, mostly stays in quiver. Mostly liking to stay at home, and sometimes traveling. Or mostly staying at an even keel with activity, and then sometimes getting really dynamically involved with activity. In 2nd, generally saves, occasionally likes to spend. Storing up potential energy, with occasional expenditure. Aditi means primordial vastness. Unbounded consciousness (space) that had to exist first to be the mother of the rest of the Gods. Symbol of freedom, they want space. Learn to give each other space -- they need to stretch out and be who they are, and need to give that to others. Because the planet is Jupiter - links to knowledge, philosophical perspective. They're interested in philosophy, yoga, meditation.

          Pushya: Brihaspati: mentor/teacher of the rest of the Gods

          symbol: udder of the cow nourishment

          Pushya is the most auspicious, wealthy constellation.

          a good time to start things when Moon in Pushya (like Jupiter rising) ensures success (except you don't get married with Moon in Pushya)

          Wealth, prosperity, nurturing (like Rohini, Dhanishta, Chitra -- gemstones -- )

          good at teaching, wisdom, philosophical, religious, devotion to the teacher, like Jupiter 

          Ashlesha: Nagas deified serpents Intertwining serpents symbol of healers

          found prominently in charts of psychologists, astrologers. Snakes live beneath the ground, so it symbolizes the unconscious, dark side, you do see axe murderers here, like the sign Scorpio, mesmerism/hypnotic, sneaky not quite straightforward quality, manipulative, kundalini energy, foundational energy, poison.

          Magha: Pitris The deified ancestors Throne Room

          Connected to the past, revere the past and ancient traditions, they tend to like yoga, or traditional Chinese medicine, astrology. Protecting the tradition. Having a mentor, older wiser person that they highly respect (e.g. grandparent) if in the right houses in the chart. Searching out the family lineage. Ruler of 10th in Magha owned ice hockey rink (throne room, special room). They're environment is very important to them. Like to have an office, command center. Powerful one, mighty one, power-oriented, self-ruling, they don't like working for other people, like to do their own thing.

          Note: all of the Ketu constellations (Ashwini, Magha, Mula) have links to the past and to healing. Mula: root, herbal healers. Magha: traditions of healing.

          Purva Phalguni: Bed of marriage (conjugal bed) Bhagha

          procreativity, sexuality, creative, (in Madonna, Hugh Hefner, Mick Jagger charts) cannot own their identity ???, great marriage constellation (when people go into period with Moon in Purva Phalguni become interested in relationships), Shiva started his wedding march in this constellation. People getting married. Bhagha means the inherited share. (If ruler of 8th or planet in 8th is in this constellation, person will definitely get an inheritance.) Communal wealth. In ancient times, a person's transition from childhood to adulthood was marked by their being given a part of the share of the communal wealth. Transition into adulthood, maturity. Maturation process (e.g. in the 10th, they may come into a sense of owning what they do, in their work.) Symbol of wealth, great Nakshatra for wealth.


          Uttara Phalguni: Healing bed Aruman: god of chivalry

          Healing energy, serving, helping, healing. Aruman is god of patronage (goes along with Mitra). Person will find a teacher, will help someone else, be a mentor, or patron. Meeting important people. (If afflicted, you could meet someone who was supposed to help you and it falls through or problems come up.)

          Hasta: The hands Surya: the Sun

          If a person shows musical abilities here, it's likely to be instrumental (hands). Crafts people and artists. Also indicators of routine work. Sense of humor, clever speech, sometimes they ridicule people, cleverness. Verbal abilities, quick wit.

          Chitra: The beautiful one Viswakarma: the celestial architect and craftsman

 He made the bows and weapons for the warriors in Mythology.

          Creative, crafts, sculptor or craftsperson more likely than the fine arts because Chitra is likely to create something three dimensional. Design. Weapons making. Related to sexuality, passionate, charismatic. Pearl signifies beauty. Love of beauty. Feels beautiful or handsome, wants a beautiful mate.

          Swati: Vayu Sprout swaying in the wind

          New beginnings, tenuousness, not quite knowing if it's going to take off and fructify. Success after struggling and tenuous beginnings. A sprout becomes a powerful tree later on. Vayu god of wind: air, wind, (e.g. ruler of 12th in Swati, person might travel by air or to windy places), (as ruler of 1st may give Vata complaints, gas). Nothing can stand up to Vayu. Time is on the wind's side. When the wind goes, even the mountains will be worn down. Saraswati is alternative deity, god of arts, esp. Music. creative. The Vina stringed instrument. Saraswati has connotations of wisdom, knowledge.

          Vishakha: Indra-Agni

          Both Vishakha and Anuradha have same symbol: Triumphal Gateway covered with leaves. Enormous power, goes for success through power. E.g. client who was a race car driver with ruler of 10th in Vishakha, wanted bigger engines, pushing others out of the way. Really try to get ahead by their own power. Seek to have more power. Overpowering, excessive power is its downfall. (E.g. if the voice is here, the person will speak to you too loudly.) Issues with truth, (sagittarius-like), they want to speak the truth, can be blunt.

          Anuradha: Mitra God of friendship.

          Success through friendship. Mitra rules over all of the rules and regulations of human relationships. Commitments. People value friendships, when they get ahead, they get ahead by a win-win situation, not by overpowering somebody. Lots of therapists and family counselors have this constellation, want to empower their clients. Establishment of relationships is the key to their successes in life. They really have issues with commitment --> if you say you're going to do something, you better follow through with it. Wants self and others to follow thru. Committed to and really value friends. Found in some lawyers charts, the rules of human interaction, make sure people honor their commitments. People who benefit thru relationship. Anyone who deals with clients.

          Jyeshtha: Indra King of the Gods Talisman is the symbol

          Rulership, leadership, e.g. CEOs of companies, people who are good at being in charge. Indra once seduced the wife of a great sage who was away, when he came back, he cursed Indra to have 1000 vaginas all over his body, and was miserable for years and had to do many austerities, and finally the vaginas turned into 1000 eyes, and he's now called "the 1000 eyed one". Indra is known to burst into people's homes to get his Soma (that the person is keeping for him). Some of his clients have seduced the wives of others, or smoked opium. The seduction of the Soma is using drugs. Backlash from illicit affairs. If they get into sexual promiscuity (someone else's lovers) they get ill will directed towards them (or cursed). Arrogance. Talisman is the symbol of occult means, the ability to protect, indication of being protected. Possibly a secret interest or activity in the occult, e.g. chanting and meditating, seeking astrologers.

          Mula: Nirriti: The Goddess of calamity (like Kali)

          A traditional view is that it's bad to be a woman who's born with her Moon in Mula. Different padas tell which relative is going to die because someone married a woman with Moon in Mula. (He hasn't seen this to be true.) Many kinds of propititiations for a woman with this lunar Nakshatra. Makes a woman a Kali type, someone who is in touch with her "inner bitch". Psychologically, it allows a person to integrate both dark and light parts of themselves, without pushing out the dark and only going for sweetness and light. Associated with calamities, sudden challenging difficult experiences. He's heard it said that this is bad for finances, e.g. financial losses. Person will have issues with being paid what they're worth. Earning enough money. Person goes deeply into things, (the root), so whenever they do things, they do them with a tremendous amount of depth and get to the root of everything, a profound job, researchers, plumb to the depth of ideas. He noticed this constellation in the charts of very wealthy people, so it doesn't prohibit a person from wealth. Root is a symbol of going to the center of things. Mars/Ketu combination does energy healing, when he saw it in Mula, he said "You do Chi Gung" and was right, because Chi Gung is about rooting. Associated with the root chakra and Kundalini energy. Healing and ancient traditions (Ketu) because of the root concept.

          Purva Ashada: Winnowing Basket Apah

          Separating the wheat from the chaff. Judgement, judgementalness, discernment, discrimination. Fighting quality. Apah, water, client who's 10th house ruler is here installs sprinkler systems. Ascendant or Moon, gravitate towards water. Good position for accomplishing things, starting projects, successes. Sexual, romantic, emotional, sensual energy (Venus constellation), they love music. Higher octave of spiritual energy (due to Sagittarius)

          Uttara Ashada : Vishuadevas Many virtues. Tusk

          Multi-virtuousness, allows successes, connection to Ganesh, particularly good for starting new things (if someone's bhukti planet is in this constellation, they'll start something new -- sort of like Aries). If the planet in this constellation falls in the Dasamsha chart in the first house or Aries, they'll start something in their career. New beginning.

          Shravana: Ear and three offset footprints Vishnu (and Saraswati)

          Listening, oral traditions, therapists, musicians, good at convincing other people, teachers. Love to use their feet, they walk, hike, bike, run. One his clients is a teacher who has strong verbal abilities, is mesmerizing and convincing, extremely good listener, and also has biked all over the U.S., hiked up and down the Cascade range, etc. If you were in a period where the ruler of the 9th in the 12th, or the ruler of the 9th in the 3rd, was placed here, they'll travel and do a bit of walking. Ruler of 6th in Shravana if afflicted or with malefics (esp. if in the 8th house), possible problems with the ears or the feet. (Vishnu) Well read, into philosophy and spirituality, knowledgeable, virtuous, auspicious constellation for good character.

          Dhanishtha: Drum: musical drum. People who have this enjoy rhythmic music. The wealthy. Can have misogyny (hate women). Musicians. Precious things, money, gems, beautiful objects.

          Shatabhisha: Varuna: God of water Circle is the symbol

          Veiling star, circle contains or holds within, can conceal things, symbol of infinity, 100 physicians: healing, difficult health problems, interest in alternative medicine, may take a brainstorming approach to solving problems, looking at many possible solutions before they actually get to the right one. Rahu in 12th client in Rahu period had a circle of protection around him (he had been threatened, and had an armored car and guards). Psychologists that use group circles, healing circles. Associated in general with alternative. Connection with outer space, space program, other aspects of technology. Love of astrology and metaphysics.

          Purva Bhadrapada: Aja ekaba (relatively unknown deity) form of Agni

          You see this in many spiritually-oriented people's charts (even though the constellation has a bad reputation), but also in many axe murders this came up (as did Ashlesha). Passions run amok. People who had run off with a lover, crimes of passion.

Aja: The unmanifest, the unborn one, one awareness, (one footed goat), one being.

Agni: Symbol of deified fire. Passion can be directed to spiritual growth, meditation.

Funeral cot: symbol of transcendent of materialism. A deeply spiritual symbol. Yogis favor meditating in graveyards, because it reminds him of the transience of life, bring his mind to the spiritual level, and to forget the world. (It's considered a good omen to see a dead body.) Connection with death in this and the next two nakshatras. Emergency rooms, sitting with dying parent.

          Uttara Bhadrapada: Funeral cot Ahirbudhnya a Sea serpent

          Enjoy being around water, kundalini symbol, all of the associations with serpents.

          Both Bhadrapada constellations together are called the scorching pair because they're both associated with combustion or heat, and therefore passion and desire. But Uttara Bhadrapada has the capacity for channeling this desire in a constructive direction. More inclined to have a passion for life, or for their work, than to seduce their best friend's mate.

          Revati: ruled by Pushan who ushered souls into the realm of Yama (death) often find hospice workers. Pushan is the ruler of the road, so people love to travel with this Nakshatra. He's also the ruler of animals, he was the animal keeper of the gods, so people who love animals. Pushan is Caretaker of animals. He found lost animals. Herdsman of the Gods. Healers of animals.

Drum symbol: increments in time. Project that's started in this period progresses sequentially.


          Yogini Dasha: the names of each of the periods tells you what will happen during those periods. E.g. Mangala, pingala, danya, etc. Arjanji's book has section on translations of each of the words, e.g. Mangala, and it fleshes out the symbolism of each period.

          Rahu and Ketu: Ketu is a subtle, etheric planet. Ketu represents refined technologies, e.g. Rahu is hardware, Ketu software, Rahu x-ray machine, Ketu the x-ray pictures. Ketu represents computers, programming.

          Trimsamsha chart is the key to the person's hidden character.

          He prefers the unreduced Ashtaka Varga Bindus of each planet in their own varga chart to Shad Bala as measure of a planet's strength.

          Sarpa drekkanas: The 2nd and 3rd drekkanas of constellation of Cancer, 1st and 2nd drekkanas of Scorpio, and 3rd drekkana of Pisces. In the Brihat Jataka 2nd to last chapter. He likes the drekkanas. (Best version of Brihat Jataka by Swami ...). Four types of drekkanas: sarpa (snakes), ayuda (weapons) chatushpa (animals), pakshi (birds). The sarpa drekkanas are used for bondage, (prison, ticket, restrained by police ) lies, cheating, manipulating, serpenty types of things, poison, emotional nature (e.g. upset and anger). The chatushpa drekkanas cause the person to "fornicate with the teacher's wife". He found them in the charts of prostitutes. Carnal, sexual inclinations. Also important in animal lovers. Pakshi drekkanas tendency to travel.

          1st drekkana of Scorpio. A woman naked coming across the sea, displaced from her home and family. Asked a person who had the Moon in the 4th house in this drekkana if his mother immigrate? No. But his paternal grandmother (12th) immigrated!

          Moon in 7th in a drekkana described as a woman skilled in needlecraft, and she's an acupuncturist! Another client with Sun in the 8th in the same drekkana, and he's a dentist.

          Nakshatras of wealth are Rohini, Dhanishta, Purva Phalguni, Pushya.

          In interpreting dasa systems, place the Maha Dasa planet (or sign) as the first house and look at where the bhukti planet falls, and where the ruler of the other houses fall too, e.g. if the lord of the 2nd falls in the 12th in a chart with the Maha dasa planet as 1st house, that period will incur expenses.

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