Mutable (adaptable, restless, synthesizing) Water (Caring, sensitive, nurturing)
Them (outer-directed, adult, universal, social) Negative (Introverted, caretaking)
Twelfth House (hidden strengths & weaknesses) Neptune (compassionate, dissolving)

Pisces in balance: Loving, warm, open, forgiving, compassionate, artistic, creative, visionary, idealistic, intimate, sensitive, devoted, kind, unselfish, imaginative, spiritual, alert, serving, permissive, altruistic, ecumenical, gentle, inspired, illuminated, poetic, modest, romantic, reverent, peaceful, adaptable, psychic, empathic, meditative, egoless, flowing, aesthetic, trusting, sympathetic, transpersonal, affectionate, caring, supportive.

Pisces out of balance: Spacy, unrealistic, escapist, addicted, confused, delusional, gullible, avoiding, withdrawn, martyred, self-absorbed, forgetful, procrastinating, indecisive, hysterical, self-deceptive, obsessed, phobic, blaming, evasive, impractical, disorganized, messy, ambiguous, touchy, hypersensitive, self-indulgent, indolent, inefficient, victimized, deceptive, negative, dilatory, drifting, unambitious, dependant.

Medical Pisces: Feet, fluid retention, hypersensitivities, depression, alcoholism.

Pisces insufficiency: Lack of compassion, imagination, forgiveness, flexibility.

Rulerships: Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces and the Twelfth House. Mercury is in detriment or fall in Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces.

Famous Pisceans: Jupiter types: Roberto Assagioli, George Washington, Mikhal Gorbachev, Rudolf Nureyev, Dr. Seuss, Jackie Gleason, Galileo, Luther Burbank, Sidney Poitier, Bobby Fischer, David Livingstone, Liza Minelli, Enrico Caruso; Neptune types: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Maurice Ravel, Rudolph Steiner, Edgar Cayce, James Taylor, George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Handel, Meher Baba, Anais Nin, Mircea Elade, Adelle Davis, Jean Harlow, Ursula Andress, Ozzie Nelson, Michael Caine, Albert Einstein; Moon in Pisces at Night: Simone de Beauvoir, J. Edgar Hoover, J.R.R. Tolkien, Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn, Aleister Crowley.


Astronomy: Neptune has the most perfect (circular) orbit, and is the last large planet in the Solar System. (In fact, many astronomers don't count Pluto as a planet.) Neptune was discovered around the time of the birth of psychoanalysis and hypnotism. Neptune takes 168 years to circle the Sun, with 14 years in each sign of the zodiac.

Correspondences: Aerogels, fog, mist, liquids, clouds, smoke; milky minerals, fibrous minerals, plastics?, aluminum?, thin layers?; ivory and beryl; opiates, ether, tobacco, cocaine, mushrooms, mosses; cotton candy; colors of the ocean, iridescent colors, pastels, lavender, turquoise, lilac, indigo, mauve; horse, bull, ram, dolphin, wild boar; nebulous and chaotic forms; rhythmic curves and curved lines; sweet, subtle, seductive flavors; anaesthetist, social welfare worker, animal welfare worker, liquor trade, oil industry, the Arts, tobacco industry, diver, distiller, spirit medium, healer, magician, occultist; environmental illnesses, thalamus, spinal cord, addictions, fainting, phobias, fluid disorders, senility.

People w/ Neptune Rising: Lon Chaney, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Pete Townsend, Cat Stevens, Stevie Wonder, Mary Angelou, Carl Sandburg, Auguste Renoir, Simone de Beauvoir, Angela Lansbury, Humphrey Bogart, Greta Garbo, Betty White, Joe Montana, Rasputin, Richard Speck.

Principles: Glamour, delusion, illusion, deception, communion, absorption, surrender, compassion, imagination, distraction, permeability, collusion, addiction, insanity, ego loss, hysteria, merging, sensitivity, idealism, inspiration, empathy, devotion, escapism.

Actions: Merging, relinquishing, surrendering, losing, misplacing, forgetting, forgiving, distracting, deceiving, deluding, believing, dissolving, absorbing, disappearing, avoiding, embracing, relating, healing, loving, creating, devoting, sacrificing, martyring, imaging.

The Gifts of the Neptune: Neptune embodies the path of surrender. It teaches us to relinquish our egocentric relationship to life, either by taking from us what we are too attached to (or getting us to lose or mess up what we grasp), or by encouraging us to voluntarily recognize the value of the One above all else. Once we truly align our lives to the transcendental instead of the material, Neptune brings us into total communion with It.

The lessons Neptune has to learn: We are all still on Earth, and must learn to "Tie up our camels" and not just "Trust in Allah". Neptune has to learn to pay attention, to speak the truth, even if it causes upsets, to set appropriate limits, to take care of the details of life, to translate totally here, in other words, to appreciate the gifts that life on Earth offers and not focus on either the negatives nor trying to escape.

The Twelfth House

Eastern Hemisphere: self-determining Ruler: Jupiter and Neptune
Scope: Last 3rd: public and group space Mode: Cadent: digesting, connecting
Upper Hemisphere: objective, collective Axis: concrete vs. subtle serving

The Twelfth House is where we discover our blind spots, our unconscious motives, dreams, patterns; how the world-at-large affects us, what we hide or repress or ignore.

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