Steps in Analyzing a Prasna Chart

by Hank Friedman
(Note: One has to be familiar with the terminology and yogas in prasna to make proper use of this article.)

1. Are either the Lagnesa or Bhavesa combust, in Trik houses, or debilitated? I.e. are they too weak to give results?

2. Is the Moon at a higher degree than any other planet, and without exaltation or own sign in rasi, D-3, or D-9 (Khallasara)? If so, developments are unlikely to occur, unless it is at 29 degrees and 4a below applies.

3. Does an Itthasala yoga exist between Lagnesa and Bhavesa? (I.e. faster planet aspects, applying, within diptamsa). If not, jump to Point 8.

Examining Positive Factors:

4. Does the Moon have Itthasala with one or both karyesas? If so, events are very likely to occur (Kambula).

(Note: the Moon cannot be either karesa)

4a. Is the Moon at 29o, and will it have Itthasala with both of the karyesas and a third strong planet upon changing sign (Gairi-Kambula)? If so, events will occur after a significant change.

5. Is the faster karyesa weak by avastas but the slower one strong by avasta (Dusphali-Kuttha)? If so, developments may occur more slowly, as indicated by the themes of the slower graha.

6. Are one or both karesa weak but in Itthasala with a strong third planet (Duttha-Uttha-Divira)? Things develop due to the help of a third party.

Examining Negative Factors:

7. Do one or both of the karyesas (i.e. Lagnesa and Bhavesa) receive a negative aspect from Mars or Saturn (Manayu Yoga)? If so, there is less likelihood of success. For success, the avasta of one or both of the karyesa must be strong.

8. Are one or both of the karyesa in bad placements (negative houses, avastas, retrograde) (Radda)? If so, developments go bad or disappear.

9. Karyesa without Itthasala

Examining Positive Factors:

10. Do both karyesas have strength(Kuttha)? If so, then developments occur.

11. Do one or both karyesas have Itthasa with a third planet (Nakta or Yamaya)? A third party will help things to develop.

12. Are one or both karesa weak but in Itthasala with a strong third planet (Duttha-Uttha-Divira)? Things develop due to the help of a third party.

13. Is the one of the karyesa at 29o and will gain Itthasala with the other and a strong graha upon entering the next sign (Tambira)? After a very large change, developments occur with another's help.

Examining Negative Factors:

Please see if the above point 7 above applies, either of which can deny developments.

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