A Problem with Modern Western Astrological Thinking

by Hank Friedman

If I described something with the following words:

Brown, heavy, cold, wet, and heterogenous

would you think of mud or of chocolate chip ice cream?

If I described something with the following words:

family, face, well-being, mastery of classical subjects, anorexia, and mathematicians

how many Western astrologers would immediately say:

The Second House.

One great weakness in modern Western astrology is the narrowness of the themes that each planet and each house and each sign is said to represent. This severely limits its utility, because too many of life's attributes cannot be easily placed anywhere.

In other words, modern Western astrology has become way too impoverished, simplistic and reductionistic.

The third house is restricted to meaning communication and siblings and neighbors and short journeys, period. What a great loss of the many other, very rich and important meanings of the third house, including such themes as valor and courage, enterprise and one's own initiative and self-motivation, and every life theme that requires the use of the hands (art, craft, drafting, trades, massage, music, etc.).

In its attempt to be thematic, modern Western astrology has excluded so much, and created too neat, too compact, and too thematic a set of correspondences.

It is time for modern astrology, as practiced in the West, to recognize this deficiency, and resolve it by examining its roots. Certainly Horary and ancient Western astrology, as well as Vedic astrology, have much to share with it.

That way, the field can again be three-dimensional. We need to give up the "neatness" of a thematic approach, and instead explore the unrelated-to-each other collection of meanings that each house, each sign, and each planet represents.

We need to recover the fullness of our astrological language.

And thereby revive modern Western astrology.

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