Fixed (persevering, steadfast, strong-willed) Water (Caring, sensitive, nurturing)
We (other-directed, adolescent, cooperative) Negative (Introverted, caretaking)
Eighth House (transformation, intimacy) Pluto (Powerful, deep, intense)

Scorpio in balance: Transformative, reforming, devoted, insightful, revealing, healing, masterful, improving, strong, determined, virile, vital, deep, thorough, sharp, influential, resourceful, resolute, psychic, perceptive, patient, striving, taming, heroic, inventive, championing, managing, achieving, leading, inspiring, clever, penetrating, authoritative, thoughtful, courageous, passionate, creative, loyal, benevolent, loving, supportive, discreet, trustworthy, steadfast.

Scorpio out of balance: Vindictive, cruel, judgemental, rejecting, cowardly, avoiding, excluding, ostracising, gossipy, backstabbing, sabotaging, obsessive, severe, jealous, hard, power hungry, tyrannical, intense, destructive, coercive, manipulative, explosive, baised, resentful, sadistic, violent, malicious, second-guessing, paranoid, suspicious, hypocritical, puritanical/lustful, vengeful, obstinate, intrusive, deceptive, pessimistic, dishonest, delusional, corrupting, seductive, crude, extreme, fanatical, profligate, wicked, punitive.

Medical Scorpio: Scorpio rules both the sex organs and the large intestines.

Scorpio insufficiency: Insubstantial, weak-willed, milquetoast.

Rulerships: Pluto and Mars Rule Scorpio and the Eighth House. Venus is in Detriment in Scorpio, Moon is in Fall in Scorpio. Uranus may be exalted in Scorpio.

Famous Scorpios: Charles Manson, Genghis Khan, Joseph P. McCarthy, St. Augustine, Marie Antoinette, Billy Graham, Indira Gandhi, Marie Curie, Katherine Hepburn, Ruth Gordon, Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sally Field, Goldie Hawn, Bo Derek, Grace Slick, Johann Strauss, Pablo Picasso, Billie Jean King, Sylvia Plath, Fyodor Dostoievski, (Moon in Scorpio at Night: Meher Baba, Charles Chaplin, Hermann Goering, Robert Dole).


Astronomy: While Pluto is usually the furthest planet from the Earth, it has been closer to the Earth than Neptune recently because it's orbit is so elliptical. In fact, it took only 13 years to go through Scorpio, and yet will take 32 years to go through Taurus! It's revolution around the Sun takes 242 years.

Correspondences: Plutonium?, ceramics?, substances very toxic or healing in miniscule quantities (e.g. snake venom, botulism, fugu toxin); homeopathics, perhaps purgatives and very hot chilis; deep red, black; xrays, gamma rays, viruses?; undertaker, subway workers, therapist, miner, crime syndicates, spies, terrorists, researchers, oil industry workers, detective, radiologist; cancer?, deep rooted ailments, obsessions, skin eruptions; the period after death and before life.

Principles: Death, rebirth, great endings and beginnings, mob consciousness, atomic energy, transformation, annihilation, regeneration, elimination, repression of conscious material and surfacing of unconscious material, control and the loss of control, cosmic union and Tantric experiences, the awakening of the Kundalini.

Actions: Purging, confronting, transmuting, regenerating, salvaging, recycling, purifying, resolving, restoring, destroying, struggling, willing, obsessing, preying, tormenting, healing, dominating, torturing, paralyzing, liberating, killing, resurrecting, reviving, exploding, forcing, secreting, exposing, overwhelming, breaking through, merging.

The Gifts of the Pluto: Pluto gives us encounters with the uncontrollable: death, our partners, losses, ego confrontations, occult experiences, and other crises that force us both to rise to the occasion and to surrender, or stand up for, ourselves. Our capacity to resolve issues, to penetrate mysteries, to be a conduit for healing energies and insights, to face another with themselves, to face ourselves, to surmount inner and outer obstacles, and to totally unite with another are the gifts of Pluto.

The lessons Pluto has to learn: Here we need to learn to let go of willfulness, our desire to control the situation or another person, our lusts, most primitive urges, greed, and heights of self-interest, our excessive attack & defense mechanisms, fixations, rigid beliefs, and our morbidity. We need to bring our hidden Shadow material to the light.

The Eighth House

Western Hemisphere: Other-directed Ruler: Pluto
Scope: Middle 3rd: space shared with another Mode: Succendent: reactive, completing
Upper Hemisphere: objective, collective Axis: yours vs mine, give and take

The Eighth House rules the partner's values & money, mysteries, the occult, death, crises, psychotherapy, and the intimate journey towards resolution and union with the other

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