The Sun

Astronomy: From Earth's perspective, the Sun makes a one year revolution around us. The
Sun is not only the source of all life on Earth, but the cauldron from which all of the
elements in the Earth were created. The Sun is responsible for 10% of the ocean tides.

Correspondences: Ruby, diamond, cat's eye, gold; sunflower, marigold, musk, saffron, rice,
citrus, cinnamon, all aromatic herbs; deep yellows, orange, gold, amber, all shades of
brown; eagle, starfish, firefly, all felines, peacock, lion, cock, horse; Sunday; circles, full
curves; sweet and pungent flavors; kings, magistrates, religious and spiritual leaders, those in
authority positions, jewelers, bankers; heart, circulatory system, thymus, spleen, constitutional
diseases and defects, anemia, hemophilia, energy depletion, hereditary illnesses; from 23 to
41 years of life.

Principles: Wholeness, uniqueness, fulfillment, assertion, confidence, self-realization,
leadership, creativity, administration, individuation, independence, gallantry, generosity,
dignity, purposefulness, loyalty, self and Self.

Actions: Shining, leading, teaching, playing, dancing, achieving, climbing, promoting,
approving, aiding, developing, creating, generating, energizing, reassuring, daring, rallying,
strengthing, backing, enlightening, opening, actualizing, defending, protecting, pioneering,
giving, empowering.

The Gifts of the Sun: The ability to provide the warmth, encouragement, support, and
inspiration to allow others to blossom and individuate. Unbridled creativity, humor, and
passion that brightens others' days. Enables one to accept oneself, warts and all, and to
allow a full unfoldment of one's own beingness.

The lessons Sun has to learn: To let others shine (to not hog the limelight). To become
immune to flattery and similar manipulations by cultivating humility. To become a Source of
Light instead of simply entertaining. To learn to express upsets without dumping intense
negative energy upon others. Mastery in becoming patient, calm, willing to surrender,
listen, and cooperate. The ability to let go of others.

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