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      After watching my waiting list get far too large (with wait times in years), I realized that I couldn't possibly see new people in a timely manner, and have even been struggling with finding slots for those who have been coming to me for years.

So my new policy is to have a To Contact list, where I will write to everyone on the list when I have news (whether it be about opening my schedule, new talks on YouTube, writings, or other news.) If you want to be placed on the list, please email me.


(Need help now? Go to my referrals below.)

A Summary of my Offerings:

Complete astrological readings

     Natal Readings: A thorough interpretation (using both Western and Vedic astrology, or just one if you prefer) of the patterns shown in your birth chart, plus an in-depth exploration of the upcoming Western and Vedic cycles for the year ahead.

     Compatibility Readings: How your charts interact and how to bring out the best in each other.

     Future Readings: How to navigate and learn from the upcoming cycles, includes a look at the major transits, progressions, and dasas and bhuktis.

Psychic readings

     Channelling Sessions: After reviewing your questions and life issues, my Guides come through and help you to understand, resolve, and work with your life journey.

Help in selecting software & a computer for astrology

Note: There is no charge for this service.

     As one of the world experts in astrology software, I help you discover what software will best meet your own personal and professional needs and style. My consultations on astrology software are free, with the only requirement that if you do decide to purchase software, you do so (at a discount) through me.

Feel free to email me with your questions.

My Referrals

For deep self work: My friend Laura Shekerjian, MFT (MFC 30171), is a compassionate, experienced psychotherapist who works from a whole-self perspective. You can call her at 510-849-2373.

For personal growth and exploration: Harry Schneider is a wonderful Internal Family Systems therapist who gently and deeply guides you to freedom from patterns that no longer serve you. He works via Skype.

You can email him at: or call him at 516-669-0071


For Vedic astrology readings:

I recommend:

Steven Highburger was my Vedic guru's right hand person and protégé and is an excellent Vedic astrology teacher who offers workshops, classes and chart readings.

You can visit his website or call him at (415) 453-3435.

Madhavi Rathod, who offers Vedic astrology readings, palmistry, and Ayurvedic health consultations (pulse assessment, dietary guidance, herbal recommendations, and lifestyle modifications).

You can email her at: and her phone number is 510-350-7251


For Bodywork and Reiki Healings: Michelle Battermann is an incredibly aligned bodyworker and healer who I have gone to for years. She is rock-solid reliable in her work and deeply connects to you. She can also send healings at a distance. You can email her at: or call her at 510-525-3314

Her studio is at 1396 A Solano Avenue, Albany, CA 94706

and her website is:


For Western Astrology readings: Linea Van Horn is a fine Western astrologer and teacher. You can call her at 650-315-2429 or email her at

and visit her website:

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