A Tutorial in Western Astrology

I have decided to organize the materials already on this website (and add new articles) to help readers to learn astrology systematically. These tutorials will continue to be expanded upon over time, and are becoming a complete learning course in astrology. Feel free to email me with suggestions and feedback in improving this material.

(Important Note: In many cases, clicking on one of the links below will open one of my bimonthly tutorial columns. Feel free to read the entire column or just the article referred to in the title below.)

One more thing. Many Western astrologers are beginning to become open to Vedic astrology. I have just added an essay, designed to help Western astrologers begin to learn about the differences between the two systems, called Approaching Jyotish. You can read it by clicking here, or see all of my Vedic tutorials by clicking here.

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My most recent articles

The Differences between Western & Vedic Astrology   New!

Context is Everything: How Charts really work

The Very Basic Elements of Astrology

The Art of Chart Synthesis

What Challenging and Supportive Aspects Really Mean

I also invite you to view my latest Vedic Astrology Tutorials.

And of course

My Ultimate Guide to Astrology Software

Including my newly updated article:

The Optimal Use of Astrology Software


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1. Becoming An Astrologer

2. The Fundamental Concepts

      The Very Basic Elements of Astrology   New!

      I. The Planets

      II. The Signs

      III. The Houses

      IV. The Aspects

      V. The Moon's Nodes     

3. Approaching a Chart

4. Methods of Prediction

5. Comparing Charts for Compatibility

6. The Keys to Chart Synthesis

7. The Politics of Astrology

8. A Reading List for Western Astrology

1. Becoming An Astrologer

A. What Every Student of Astrology Should Know

B. The Art of Astrology

C. Wisdom in Astrology, Planetary Lessons & Truly Helping

D. How to Give a Reading

E. Why Chart Readings Fail

F. Harmless Astrology & What Doesn't Happen

G. The Importance of Reality in Learning Astrology    

H. Astrological Techniques and Uncertain Birth Times    Revised and Expanded 2/06

I. The Art of Astrological Prediction    

J. Sight and Blindness in Giving Astrology Readings    

K. A Problem with Modern Western Astrological Thinking

L. Conditional Delineations and the Deepening of Western Astrology

M. What's Unique about a Birth Chart?

N. The Differences between Western & Vedic Astrology   New!

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2. The Fundamental Concepts

Learning a New Language

The Upper and Lower Hemispheres of the Chart

The Ascendant: The Most Important Point in the Chart    New!

I. The Planets

A. The Moon

B. The Sun

C. Mercury

D. Venus

E. Mars

F. Jupiter

G. Saturn

H. Uranus

I. Neptune

J. Pluto

K. The Moon's Nodes

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II. The Signs

A. Aries, Mars, and the First House.

B. Taurus, Venus, and the Second House.

C. Gemini, Mercury, and the Third House.

D. Cancer, the Moon, and the Fourth House.

E. Leo, the Sun, and the Fifth House.

F. Virgo and the Sixth House.

G. Libra and the Seventh House.

H. Scorpio, Pluto, and the Eighth House.

I. Sagittarius, Jupiter, and the Ninth House.

J. Capricorn, Saturn, and the Tenth House.

K. Aquarius, Uranus, and the Eleventh House.

L. Pisces, Neptune, and the Twelfth House.

M. Exaltations and Falls: The Meanings of the Signs

N. Visible Astrology -- The Importance of Observable Phenomena

O. The Applicability of the Signs in Western and Vedic Astrology     New!

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III. The Houses

You can learn much more about the houses and their diverse significations by incorporating meanings from each of the different branches of astrology. Here are some articles to help you:

A. House Meanings: Western, Vedic, and Horary

B. Vedic House Meanings

IV. The Aspects

A. The Major Aspects in Western Astrology

B. What Challenging and Supportive Aspects Really Mean    New!

V. The Nodes

A. The Deeper Meanings of the Nodes

B. Narcissism, Self-Effacement and Rahu and Ketu: An Important Article on the meanings of the nodes   New!
Note: In order to preserve the formatting, I uploaded this article to my website as a PDF file.
When you click on the link, your computer will either open it with Adobe Reader or save it to your hard disk so that you can do so.

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3. Approaching a Chart

A. Approaching a Western Chart

B. The Importance of the Ascendant

C. The GateKeeper: Part Two (More on the Ascendant)

D. How to Approach A Chart: Part One (The transcript of a class.)

D2. How to Approach A Chart: Part Two (The transcript of a class.)

E. The Regions of the Chart

F. Finding Synergy: One of the Keys to Chart Interpretation    

G. Why Astrology can never be systematic

H. The Most Important Significators of Life Themes and their use in chart delineation and astrology software.

I. How to determine the strongest planet(s) in a chart

J. Paramount Considerations in Chart Interpretation

K. The Keystones in Astrology   New!

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4. Methods of Prediction

A. A Proforma for Western Transits

B. The Temporary Amplification of Individual Planets

C. Early Saturn Transits

D. The Importance of Timing in Compatibility Assessment    

E. The Art of Astrological Prediction

F. How do configurations in the current sky affect me?    New!

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5. Comparing Charts for Compatibility

A. Assessing Compatibility Between Charts: Part One

B.The Importance of Timing in Compatibility Assessment    

C. The Astrology of Relating     New!

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6. The Keys to Chart Synthesis

A. The Art of Synthesis

B. Combining the Lights

C. The Strongest Planet Wins

D. Taking Western Charts in Context: When is a Scorpio not a Scorpio?

E. The Whole Chart

F. The Element of the Moon

G. Applying Vedic Astrological Understandings to Western Astrology

H. The Orbs of Aspects

I. Understanding the Midheaven

J. Shocks and the Value of Adversity: Houses 6, 8, and 12

K. Pattern Recognition in Astrology     

L. Keys to Chart Synthesis    

M. Why Mom Fell -- How to find the Primary Significators in a chart    

N. The Art of Chart Synthesis

O. Context is Everything: How Charts really work   New!

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7. The Politics of Astrology

A. Ending the War Between the Astrologers     Revised June 2007 & January 2010

B. An Astrological Manifesto

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