Astronomy: Uranus was the first new planet to be discovered in over 2000 years! When
astronomers saw that it "rolls around the Sun", i.e. that it's North Pole is horizontal rather
than vertical, they were astonished. Astrologers immediately realized that this planet ruled
the unusual. Uranus takes 84 years to circle the Sun, with 7 years (itch) in each sign of the

Correspondences: Minerals & substances that glow in the dark, e.g. radioactive stones and
metals, phosphorus, Uranium, lodestone & magnetic minerals, iridescent minerals, amber,
lapis lazuli; synthetic foods (e.g. explosive bubble gum, twinkies, dayglo liquid lollypops);
hybrids like tangeloes, genetically engineered food, psychedelics like L.S.D., crack cocaine,
mind-nourishing herbs like gotu kola; deep rich blue, electric blue, peacock, dazzling
(fluorescent) white, ultraviolet, clashing color combinations; broken lines, mixed forms; cold,
astringent, brackish flavors; astrologer, aviator, cinematographer, inventor, researcher,
antiquarian, historian, computerist, electronics worker, radio and tv industry, photographer,
engineering, social worker, reofrmer, Civil Service, radiologist, physicist; third eye, pineal
gland, ankles, circulation (especially venous), sympathetic nervous system, hysteria, nervous
breakdowns, convulsions, spasms, cramps, contractions, irregular heartbeat, accidents.

People w/ Uranus Rising: B.F. Skinner, Socrates, R.D. Laing, FDR, Thomas Jefferson,
Solzhenitsyn, Allen Ginsberg, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Adelle Davis, Casanova (in *!), Mary
Baker Eddy, Ayatollah Kohmeini, Sally Ride, Yogananda, Ed Sullivan, Kate Millett.

Principles: Eccentricity, unconventionality, radicalism, intuition, genius, innovation, change,
rebellion, anarchy, surprise, deviation, independence, originality, individualism, flashes of
insight, freedom, autocracy, electricity, charisma, abnormality, unusual, the unexpected,
accidents, separations, strikes, revolution, novelty, emancipation.

Actions: Differentiating, deviating, rebelling, freeing, awakening, changing, inventing,
shocking, magnetizing, repelling, divorcing, rioting, attracting, experimenting, reforming,
redefining, disrupting, interrupting, destabilizing, innovating, radicalizing, unstructuring,
leading, depersonalizing, galvanizing, progressing, advancing, reorganizing.

The Gifts of the Uranus: Uranus gives us our uniqueness, our own "claims to fame". The
value of each of our own perspectives, feelings, and insights is reflected in Uranus' actions.
Uranus gives us the freedoms: to think, to speak, to create uniquely, and to act as ourselves
and the desire to be ourselves. Our ability to contact the Universal Mind, to tap into vast
realms of consciousness and insight are a great gift of Uranus.

The lessons Uranus has to learn: Freedom lies on the other side of discipline. To institute
changes that last, one often has to work within the system instead of against it. Too much
freedom leads to isolation, bias, dissociation; learn to balance independence with
connectedness. Leading others' minds or hearts towards a goal needs to be done at a pace
they can absorb and digest.

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