Astronomy: Second planet from the Sun, the morning and evening star, the same size as the
Earth, 247 Earth day per day, rotates backwards, 3rd brightest object in the sky, roughly 1
year period (through the signs of the Zodiac) as seen from Earth.

Correspondences: Jade, alabaster, turquoise, emerald; copper, bronze, brass; apples, cherries,
lilies, marshmallow, roses, spearmint, strawberry, perfumes, sweet spices; pastel colors, sky
blue to green, pink, lemon-yellow; deer, dolphin, rabbit, butterfly, peacock, dove, swan;
Friday; curved lines; sweet and warm flavors; all artistic work, fashion designer,
confectioner, botanists, poets, catering, interior decorator, draftsperson, illustrator, jeweller;
complexion, kidneys, throat, parathyroid, veins, lips; diabetes, venereal diseases, swellings,
cysts, bladder and kidney problems; 14 to 21 years of life.

Principles: Relationship, inter-dependence, cooperation, balance, justice, beauty, tact,
idealism, harmony, compromise, kindness, compassion, affection, refinement, aesthetics.

Actions: Soothing, accepting, resolving, appreciating, receiving, dancing, flirting, loving,
seducing, making love, sharing, connecting, belonging, attracting (and being attracted to),
creating, envisioning, joining, conserving, enhancing, denying (in the psychological sense of
not looking at what one doesn't want to see).

The Gifts of Venus: A depth of caring and empathy that allows one to truly honor and love
the other person, the ability to create Beauty and Music and to inspire others with one's
creations, an instinctive sense of fairness and respect for others rights, an open receptivity to
life's experiences, the ability to defuse conflicts and to enable resolution,
gratitude and thankfulness for all that one has received.

The lessons Venus has to learn: Confrontation, directness, honestly perceiving what problems
need dealing with, standing up for oneself (i.e. assertiveness), not getting lost in imagination
and infatuation, not worshipping others but seeing them as peers, asking for what you need,
looking beneath appearances and not overvaluing appearances.

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