Mutable (adaptable, restless, synthesizing) Earth (practical, grounded, disciplined)
We (other-directed, adolescent, cooperative) Negative (Introverted, caretaking)
Sixth House (work, health, co-workers) Mercury (Curious, changeable, mental)

Virgo in balance: Organized thinking, meticulous, cooperative, analytical, impeccable, precise, logical, handy, hardworking, assisting, improving, polishing, discriminating, discerning, focused, aware, clear, mindful, disciplined, responsible, accountable, dedicated, responsive, helpful, playful, curious, interested, exploring, investigating, perfecting, enabling, allying, dependable, following, adapting, unassuming, meek, unselfish, digesting and understanding.

Virgo out of balance: Critical, perfectionistic, dissatisfied, malcontent, pessimistic, routine, petty, superstitious, hypochondriacal, depressed, negative, fussy, inhibited, timid, insomniac, overanalytical, inferior/superior, complaining, nagging, submissive, indecisive, self-martyring, nervous, insecure, self-critical, self-sabotaging, shy, inarticulate, fearful, anticipating the worst, passive aggressive, self-attacking, distrustful, dependent, gossipy, snooping, melancholic, hopeless, hysterical, fastidious (or occasionally very sloppy).

Medical Virgo: Intestines, spleen, solar plexus, indigestion, cramps.

Virgo insufficiency: Indiscriminate, spacy, unthinking, unquestioning, unfocussed.

Rulerships: Mercury rules Virgo and the Sixth House. Jupiter and Neptune are in detriment in Virgo, Venus is in fall in Virgo.

Famous Virgos: John Houseman, Allan Pinkerton, Bob Newhart, Fred Macmurray, Jane Curtin, Twiggy, Lauren Bacall, Peter Falk, Tuesday Weld, Peter Sellers, Lily Tomlin, Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman, H.G. Wells, D.H. Lawrence, Ken Kesey, Steven King, LBJ, Leo Tolstoy, Frances Farmer, Grandma Moses, Margaret Trudeau, George Wallace, Mother Theresa, (Moon in Virgo at Night: Candice Bergen, Golda Meir, Marquis de Sade, Rudolf Steiner, Theodore Sturgeon, Aristotle Onassis, J.P. Morgan, Paul Gauguin).

The Sixth House

Eastern Hemisphere: Other-directed Ruler: the Mercury
Scope: Middle 3rd: space shared with another Mode: Cadent: digesting, connecting
Lower Hemisphere: subjective, personal Axis: concrete service vs. emotional aid

The Sixth House describes our work and health habits, our relationship with co-workers (unequal relationships), our work environment, and the application of our skills.

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