Phaladeepika Yogas

(Note: an easy way to start checking to see if specific yogas exist is to first notice which planets are exalted or in their own sign, since for most yogas, strength is a necessary condition for the yoga to exist.)

Pancha Maha Purusha Me Ve Ma Ju Sa in K while exalted or own sign. Bhadra, Malavya, Ruchaka, Hamsa, & Shasah respectively.

Sunapha -Mo- Anapha (not Su Ra Ke ) Dhurudhura graha-Mo-graha Kemadruma none-Mo-none (Xed if planet w/2 or in K from L or Mo)

Vosi - Su - Vesi (don't count Mo Ra Ke ) Ubhayachari planet - Su - planet (shubha or papa)

Kartari (scissors) planet - L - planet (shubha or papa)

Shushubha (very benefic) NB in 2nd unblemished Amala (spotless) NB in 10th from Mo or L preferably unblemished

Mahabhagya (++) male day birth w/ Su Mo L in odd rashis female night birth w/ Su Mo L in even rashis (some add lagnesha, too)

Kesari Mo in K to Ju Shakata Mo in 6 or 8 to Ju and Mo not in an angle

Vasumat (rich) all NBs in upachayas from L or Mo

Pushkala (plentiful) l Mo w/ lagnesha in K or friendly rashi while L aspected by NB

Shubhamaala (+ necklace) all NBs in 5, 6, 7 Ashubhamaala (- necklace) all NBs in 6, 8 , 12

Lakshmi (prosperity) Ve and l 9 in own or exaltation rashi in K or T or (Parashari) l 9 in own or exalted rashi in K while l 1 strong

Gauri (goddess) Mo in own or exalted in K or T aspected by Ju

Saraswati (knowledge) Me Ve Ju in Ks, Ts, or 2nd while Ju in own, exalted, or friendly rashi

Sriikantha (Shiva) l 1 Su Mo in own, exalted, or friendly rashis in K or T

Sriinaatha (Vishnu) l 9 Me Ve in own, exalted, or friendly rashis in K or T

Virinchi (Brahma) l 5 Ju Sa in own, exalted, or friendly rashis in K or T

Dur (difficult) Strong l 6, 8, 12 in K or T & l 1, 4, 9, 10 weak in NH


Parivartna (exchange, endless oscillation)       Dainya (wretched) l 6, l 8, or l 12 with any other house lord


read planets into other's sign & degree          Khala (battle) l 3 with any other house lord (except dusthanas)


best planet's position provides resolution       Mahaa (great) l 1, l 2, l 4, l 5, l 7, l 9, l 10, or l 11 with each other

Parvata (mountain) l l l exalted or own rashi in K or T

Raja l 9 & l 10 together in a PH or l 4 & l 5 together in a PH

Shankha (DKA) K lord with T lord in PH

12 houses (+) house occupied/aspected by NBs while l in PH or exaltation/own rashi (-) l in NH, weak, w/aspect NM

Parashari Yogas

Gajakesari Ju in K from L or Mo while influenced by benefic and not debilitated, combust, or in an enemies rashi

Lagnadhi (added to Lagna) Me, Ve, Ju in 6th, 7th, & 8th from Lagna Candradhi (added to Moon) Me, Ve, Ju in 6th, 7th, & 8th from Mo

Kalanidhi (expert) Ju in the 5th in association or aspect with Me and Ve (or Ju in sign of Me or Ve)

Parvata (mountain) benefic or nothing in 7th & 8th while all Ks occupied by benefics

Kaahala (large) l 4 and Ju in mutual Ks and l 1 strong (or l 4 exalted or own rashi in association with l 10)

Camara (whisk) l 1exalted in K and aspected by Ju (or NBs in both 1st & 9th; or in both 7th and 10th)

Shankha (treasure) l 1 and l 5 & l 6 in mutual K (or l 9 strong and l 1 & l 10 in movable rashis)

Bheri (drum) l 9 strong & all grahas in 2nd, 7th, & 12th (also: l 9 strong & l 1, Ve, & Ju in K)

Mridanga (sacred drum) l 1strong and other planets exalted or in own sign while in Ks or Ts

Srinantha (Vishnu - the preserver) l 7 exalted in the 10th and l 9 in association with l 10

Sarada (Sarasvati) l 10 in 5th, Su in own rashi & Me in K (also Me or Ju in T to Mo & Ma in 11th)

Matsya (fish) NB in 9th and 1st, & NM & NB in 5th, NM in 4th & 8th

Kurma (tortoise) NB in 5th, 6th, & 7th in own, exalted, or friendly rasi, and 3rd & 11th both occupied by NM in exaltation or own rasi

Kalpadruma (most possible) In Ks or Ts and/or exalted or in own signs: l 1, l l 1, l l l 1 the navamsha dispositor of l l l 1

Hari (Vishnu - the preserver) NB in 2nd, 8th, & 12th from 2nd lord

Hara (Shiva - the destroyer) NB in 4th, 8th, & 9th from 7th lord

Brahma (the creator) NB in 4th, 10th, & 11th

Additional Yogas

Viparita (reversed, benefits from adversity) lords of 6th, 8th, 12th in 6, 8, or 12 and with another trik lord or 2 trik lords together, w/o aspect or z

(Benefits shown by house position of nakshatra dispositor of one or both planets, less benefit/more negative if planets are weakly conditioned)

Kala Sarpa all grahas between Ra and Ke (pay attention to the axis of the nodes)

Nodal Raj yogas Ra and Ke in 10th with lord of T or in 5, 9 with lord of 1, 10

Dhana yogas lords of 1, 5, & 9 with lords of 2, 11

Budhaditya un-afflicted Su with Me (preferably not combust) and either configured with strong L or 5th

Chandra-Mangala strong Mo with Ma in PH

Kahala (large drum) dispositor of dispositor of lagnesh is in own sign or exalted in kendra or trikona – l l 1 strong in T or K

Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga neecha graha in K while: its lord in K from L or Mo or aspects graha or graha exalted in rashi in K from L or Mo

Qualifying Vargottama: Condition of natal planet, condition of natal dispositor (possible influences: powerful benefics, dig bala, sandhi)

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