Teachings in Metaphysical Astrology

April 2000

The Two Windows

The reason why I am so in love with using both Western and Vedic astrologies is that they give me two distinct windows onto a person's life and soul, showing me different themes.

In both traditions, there is the maxim, "if a pattern repeats three times, it will manifest in the person's life".

What I'm finding is that you can also look "in both windows" and if a pattern is shown by both the Western and Vedic charts, it is an exceptionally strong pattern.

In other words, you can use "the other system" (Vedic or Western) for confirmation of a life pattern.

I am often asked which system I like better. Both! At this point, I would not want to ever give up either method of charting. I see psychodynamics -- e.g. the level of integration of the parts of the self -- and the temperament so clearly in Western charts, and yet totally love and depend upon the Vedic predictive method of Vimsottari Dasa. I see such power in Western exact aspects, transits by Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and yet also see such value in the Vedic tools for evaluation the strength of each planet and how each area of life will work out.

Using both methods prevents me from being blind to very important themes, both natal and in the life's unfolding. I am very grateful to be able to use both.

For example, in Bill Clinton's Charts. The Vedic Chart shows a debilitated Venus conjunct the 8th house ruler Mars (which vedically aspects its own 8th house) both aspected by the malefic Saturn (which also aspects the 8th house). This combination not only amplifies and distorts Clinton's sexuality, but creates "a moral ambiguity" (to quote my Vedic teacher).

In Clinton's Western chart, we see the highly charged and and potentially self-deceptive exact Mars/Neptune conjunction in tension with the (sexual) 8th house Moon in Taurus, plus an exceptionally strong Venus signature (half of the planets and the rising sign in Venus's signs, plus Venus disposing them all) which indicates a very strong sensuality, and a person very affected by and tuned in to women.

Metaphysically speaking, we could say that it was President Clinton's karma to deal with a very strong desire nature, and to truly understand, through experiences, the consequences of selfish actions.

Cross/System Compatibilities

In keeping with the above theme, I would like to introduce a very radical technique.

Since I have come to realize that Sidereal/Vedic positions (which are about 23-24 degrees behind Tropical/Western ones) blend with Western positions, i.e. that they are both operating at the same time, I've come up with many new tools for understanding charts.

1. Blended Sign Meanings. I have found that each point blends the qualities of both their Sidereal and Tropical zodiacal positions, and it is especially important to look at these blended positions for the Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign.

For example, people with their Suns in Scorpio both Tropically and Sidereally -- (24 degrees or later) -- are double or "keystone" Scorpios, i.e. both their Vedic and Western Suns are in Scorpio. These "super-Scorpios" usually have very intense opinions and feelings, great "punch" and personal power, enormous endurance and fixity, thicker bodies, and stronger wills.

The "Libra/Scorpios" -- those with their Tropical Sun between 0 and 22 degrees of Scorpio -- on the other hand, often have longer fingers and torsos, more tentativeness and responsiveness, and are more head-centered.

2. Cross System Compatibilities. Why are there many compatible couples with Suns or Moons that are semisextile, or generally one sign apart. The answer becomes clear if you use both Vedic and Western positions at the same time. As a Tropical Cancer/Vedic Gemini Sun, my Vedic Gemini Sun is compatible with my friend's Tropical Leo Sun, and My Tropical Cancer Sun is conjunct -- by sign -- her Vedic Cancer Sun.

This can also explain why some inter-aspects (between two people's charts) are so difficult. Most square inter-aspects are ameliorated by this two system method, but if both planets are Tropically later than 24 degrees, and therefore stay in the same sign Vedically, then the square is reinforced, by both methods.

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