A Tale of Three Explosions

by Hank Friedman

In my current year-long astrology course, one of my students emailed me, asking me to look at the Boston Marathon bombing.

I decided, for the sake of instruction, to look at three significant U.S. bombings instead of just the Boston Marathon one. [I added the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11]

In this article, I'm focusing on the Vedic charts because although we also looked at the Western charts for each event, they didn't have the same significance or factors in common.

On a whim, I included the Dasa and Bhukti of each event, which turned out to be a breakthrough decision.

First of all, the basics:

As every chemist knows (I was a science "whiz-kid" at age 8, and studied chemistry through graduate school), explosives are simply compounds that burn very quickly and generate a lot of heat and gas.

Therefore, the core of every explosion is fire, and therefore the astrological indicators of explosions are:

1. The Fiery Planets: Mars, the Sun, and the South Node (called Ketu in Vedic astrology).


2. The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the three Fire signs.

All of the three charts have strong fiery indicators.

In both the 9/11 chart and the Boston Marathon chart, Mars is in a Fire sign with Ketu. This conjunction happens 6 or 7 times every 50 years, and is therefore not a frequent event.

And in the Oklahoma City chart, Ketu is with the very hot Sun in Aries.

In all three charts, both Ketu and the Sun are in Fire signs, and the Sun is strong (in its own sign or exalted).

But what totally surprised me was that in all three events, the Dasa of each event -- which is based upon the nakshatra occupied by the Moon -- pointed to the planet, Mars or Ketu, that represented the explosion.

In the subsequent explosion at the fertilizer plant in West Texas (later in the month of the Boston Marathon event), Mars, the Sun, and Ketu were all in Aries, and the Sun and Mars were within 1/4 of a degree from each other!

I encourage other astrologers to examine major bombings and explosions throughout the world to see if these patterns prevail.

The loss of lives and the physical and psychological damage caused by these events are terrible, and perhaps if we could predict when times are more dangerous, it might help.

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