A Class on the Midheaven

Astrology Class 24, January 13, 1999
Focus on Midheaven

(Note: Since this is a long, albeit excellent, channeling by my Guide Aderan, readers might prefer to print it out instead of reading it online.)

Aderan: We would like you to understand that the Midheaven in a personís chart represents the intersection of the vertical dimension with the horizontal--both ways. By both ways, we mean that it represents how the environment colors our access to and perception of God and higher thought, and how our environment affects our ability to align, you might say, what work might have to be done. And at the same time just the opposite. It represents how the spirit infuses the mundane and what the spirit is attempting to bring into the mundane, what you might call the soul attributes that you wish to fully develop in this lifetime. We have said before that transits to the Midheaven can represent times of inspiration. Now we understand how to explain it better for you. That it is times when spirit may infuse matter, when there is an opportunity for spirit to not only bring to matter wisdom, perspective, clarity, illumination; but also the awareness of what aspects of the mundane existence are blinding, where humans are too attached, things like that. We, therefore, would like you to start today, you collectively, looking at your Midheavens and if there is trouble we will assist.

Hank: L. has a Midheaven in Capricorn. C. has a Midheaven in Scorpio. S. has a Midheaven in Scorpio. H. has a Midheaven in Taurus. Cha. has a Midheaven in Pisces. Chr. has a Midheaven in Capricorn. Weíve got Earth and Water.

Aderan: The Midheaven in Earth brings the highest aspect of Earth into a personís chart. We mean it imbues, wishes to imbue a kind of idealism into the being. Now you may not ordinarily associate Earth signs with idealism, but thereís a way in which the striving for impeccability is very much an Earth issue. We would say therefore since the Tenth house is achievement and is traditionally associated with Capricorn, for instance, that Earth signs aspire. While people with a lot of planets or strong planets like Cha. may aspire even in their everyday life for spiritual, not just mundane aspirations by all means, what the Midheaven in Earth is asking to do is to let the individual be inspired to aspire, to improve, to align, to ground, to commit. Now the difference between Capricorn and Taurus, the two signs represented here, there are differences.

First, letís talk about the other Elements. Letís go to Water since that is also heavily represented by Cha., S., and C. Midheaven in Water is imbuing unity into the life, the embracing and dissolving into the whole. It is the ultimate belonging, and if the opposite position, the IC, represents the opposite principle, then its movement is recognizing the complete belonging the soul has--belonging to heaven and belonging to life on Earth. This is not an ownership belonging, not in that context: ďThis watch belongs to me.Ē No, we donít use it in that term that way. This is a level of connection, a level of unification that needs belonging. It represents a kind of surrender, and surrender to the highest: not to earth plane beings but to the highest so that the devotion and absorption of the Divine is part of the journey. These are the things the Midheaven wishes to imbue the life with.

The Midheaven in Air represents a perceptual vastness that the individual is to develop, a movement beyond all bias, a movement beyond all opinion, a movement beyond all narrowness to an incredible scope of vision and understanding, knowledge and truth. Implicit in what weíre saying is the reflex sign, is the IC sign which is more of a shadow position where the Earth captures and makes you challenged.

With the Midheaven in Fire, what life is meant to be imbued with is Life. Fire represents spiritual passion. A Midheaven in Fire attempts to imbue the life with a passion that explodes all structures, all barriers, all reluctances to be alive: to embody a kind of immanence where the individual fully becomes a source of light, a source of radiance, and is a conduit for spiritual passion of very great degree and spiritual inspiration.

We remind you of the scope of the signs, and we do like the I, We, Them to call them ďscope.Ē You know the term, One, Two, and Many; or One, Two or Three. This very well describes the scope. For instance, with Hís Midheaven in Taurus, the scope is One. What does that mean? It means single achievement. It means becoming, may we say, a rock. With L., on the other hand, where itís Three, not One; itís Capricorn. Itís Them. Itís the aspiration of, you might say, the whole, the group. Let us be more precise. It is a kind of commitment to humanity, a commitment to raise all of humanity up. To use the One, Two, Threes with Cha, C., and C. and S. have Two. So the unity is, what we are talking about is a cosmic marriage in a way, the cosmic marriage between an individual and God. With it being Two, thatís what initially the message is. Whereas One Water like Cancer in the Midheaven would be the surrender of self to God, with Two itís the dance; itís much more of a dance; itís much more of an interplay, dialogue. With Pisces, with Chaís, with being Three, itís the unification that comes with what we would call the Divine heart that is embodied in every aspect of physical or sensory existence and the inner realms both. It is the knowingness that in all faces are one face, and all hearts are one heart.

Everything affects everything. The ruler of the Midheaven is significant. The aspects to the Midheaven are significant. And in Equal houses even the house placement of the Midheaven is significant. We will talk about that one since it is often in Ten or Nine, and only at higher latitudes further down. In the Ninth house we would suggest that it is a path, an attitude, and an identity that is being imbued. Whereas if the Midheaven is in the Tenth, we would say that it is a performance in the highest sense of that word. It imbues the performance, the karma, the right action. Does not karma mean action? (Yes.) In this context it is the imbuing of the actions that the individual compared to the identity, not that both are not affected either way, but that is the difference. If itís in the Eighth, itís imbuing more the soul, the internal self. And if itís in the Eleventh, itís particularly imbuing the relationships and the connectedness with those qualities.

Hank: If we look at, for instance, Chr and L., we see that for Chr. with Saturn focal, Saturn is the ruler of the Midheaven. With Saturn focal and Saturn in the Seventh house, and of course exalted both Vedically and Tropically because itís late enough Libra to stay there, it suggests a very powerful, very powerful spiritual achievement which will very much impact on relationship and very much be something that is shared with others, perhaps on an individual basis. That what she has to bring personally to others is part of her spiritual journey.

With L., that is to some extent also true. However, there are some modifications. First of all itís in the Sixth, not the Seventh. Second of call, itís in Tropical Libra but Sidereal Virgo. Of course, the aspects to Saturn which we didnít look at very strongly also matter. The fact that Chr. had Venus opposite her Saturn with Venus Rising, which is also the Ruler of the Libra, makes it even more relational. We go to Laura. Itís Trine Sun. Itís square Uranus. Itís semi-square Moon-Pluto. Itís in conjunct Mars. Itís fairly well aspected. One of the things that tells me is that there is going to be more going on in your path of spiritual achievement. Itís going to be both assisted and very centralizing since Saturn is the ruler of both the Sun and the Midheaven, and at the same time has its share of challenges to: the semi-squares and the squares, and the in conjunct. To me, it becomes that much more about application for L. because the Midheaven is in Earth sign, and Saturn is an earthy planet in an Earth house. Itís really reinforcing the notion of application. Application of the skills and awarenesses she develops. To me that also implies technique and the development of technique, which is not a dirty word, which is not a bad thing. Technique is very much a Sixth house meaning.

L: That makes sense. With everything I achieve, it gets mulched in and directly applied, continually, so that makes sense. H: If we look at S. and C., again we get the opportunity to see a Scorpio Midheaven which, incidentally both L. and Chr. have it in the Ninth which suggests itís really about identity as much as anything, whereas C. and S. have it in the Tenth. I also have it in the Ninth as does Cha. C. and S. have it in the Tenth which suggests that a lot of it is about the karma, the actions, the application of the energies.

L: S. has the ruler conjunct the Midheaven.

H: Which is a tremendous reinforcement. Letís focus on that first. The ruler of the Midheaven is Mars. Iím so used to using that now. I was looking at this interpretive program, and it said the ruler of the Second and the Twelfth, and I was going ďWhat the hell is it doing?Ē Mars isnít there, Pluto is there. Mars conjunct the Midheaven in the Tenth. First of all, Iím getting from Aderan that it really represents even more a unification of that purpose. Before we go any further, I want to look at the aspects. Weíve got Jupiter opposite to it. Moon square it widely, but still itís the Moon. Mercury opposite. This is a very galvanized, very dynamized Midheaven. Aderan said, itís going to make it impossible not to do it. Itís like the path of the divine dance with God. Aderan did say to me silently, it also is the divine dance with God as embodied through other human beings on the one-to-one basis. That dance is just something youíre bound to do, and youíre bound to do it in professional contexts which you do, and to become truer and truer to your purpose by doing that, and to have your life imbued with holiness there.

Now C. is in the interesting position of having her Midheaven opposite Mars, the ruler. Itís a wide opposition but I would count it since it is the ruler. Now, of course, Vedically thatís not true, but Vedically they donít even use or attempt (?)it at all. Thereís a whole set of Trines. And the other ruler squares it if weíre not going to ignore Pluto. Incidentally, even if you were going to ignore Pluto, Pluto aspects the ruler tightly. Either way you look at it, they are in a T-square. Then youíve got the Mercury exactly trine the Midheaven, and the Sun and Venus weaker trine. Again we have a very dynamic situation for C. Where the imbuement of her career and her life with that depth is often facilitated by her own ability to surrender and merge which is the Piscean quality, but also has some challenges, particularly in the area of personal relationship because if you think of Mars in the Fifth and Pluto in the Seventh, that it would probably be much easier for C. to know God through her clients in certain ways, much smoother, than in her personal relationships because youíve got Mars in the Fifth square Pluto in the Seventh--both of them being rulers of the Midheaven. Thatís where the real impurities that burned out of C., is in relationship. Thatís where learning to see the partner as God is most challenging. How do you feel about that C?

C: It seems like itís either seeing the partner as God or not as God as all.

H: As devil almost, real extreme.

C: And Pluto in the Seventh house.

H: Devil or angel.

C: And conjunct the Node.

H: Itís exact. Thatís a very good one. Aderan says again, you have no choice. All your relationships are going to be powerful and profound. He says sometimes the imbuement will have periods where it is very intense, where you really feel things are imbued with the divine dance. The idea of a flood he is associating with the North Node, feeling like a flood of energy coming through with it conjunct the Midheaven. So we certainly watch transits to that point carefully.

L: After we looked at Cís, I realized I also have a T-square with the ruler to the MC. Saturn Mc Uranus. Mercury is sitting close to the MC.

H: The MC Uranus is also pretty potent, as is Mercury to the MC. Aderan says, with Mercury conjunct the Mc, your urge is to intentionally direct the imbuement which can be a trap. He says learning how to cooperate with the imbuement without trying to control it is part of your challenge. That is the Mercury conjunction. I think itís partially because of the Capricorn too. He says yes, but not completely. He said anyone with Mercury conjunct the Midheaven, there may be a tendency to want to direct the imbuement process, to want to understand and analyze it more, and things like that instead of learning how to be the servant and not the master of the imbuing process, and to cooperate with the imbuing process. He says with the planet opposite or square the Midheaven, when you go into your shadow, boy do you go into your shadow. So in this case, he says, feeling, for instance, like you donít belong could be very hot for you.

L: With the Uranus at the bottom.

H: And that thereís no safe place.

Aderan: What we are saying to you is that the IC can represent a place where you feel most disimbued; I guess would be a congruent word. A place where you feel most separate from the imbuement, the furthest point, you might say. So itís very, very important for the soul to learn how to consciously bring awareness and ease to the IC or the point opposite the Midheaven because it often can be a very exaggerated and vulnerable place for the person. Having the ruler of the Midheaven square the Midheaven can also represent an issue of wanting to personally control, direct or regulate the imbuement process and again is a message of command and surrender. So you have two of them, L.

For Chaís chart, notice that Mars in Virgo is opposite the Midheaven. We would suggest that Mars position represents a place of feeling very isolated, a place of feeling cut off. It would suggest that anger is very hard for her. Remember that all signs carry the effect of the planet exalted. So Libra is Saturnian because Saturn is exalted there. Pisces is Venusian because Venus is exalted there. Cancer is Jupiterian because Jupiter is exalted there. Does that not reveal something that is worth looking at? Therefore, there is a Venusian aspect to a Pisces Midheaven and Venus is opposite to Mars then. That again suggests that she wants to imbue her life and everyoneís life with peace and joy, hope and love, and the place that is opposite--the Mars place--is very hard for her. The place of encountering the lack of peace, the lack of joy, the lack of hope, the lack of love. And of course, with the Virgo there is the criticalness, the rejection, those kinds of qualities. Whether it is other people in her life or herself who goes into those spaces, it is a very challenged place; it is a shadow place.

C: Itís interesting that with that Mars, itís the only aspect it has.

A: And yet it is very potent isnít it? The fact that it is its only aspect makes it even more of a place where awareness must be brought in because there are no other planets reaching out and giving it a natural flow of awareness.

Hís chart, we know there is Pluto square the Midheaven and Saturn widely trine the Midheaven; and the ruler of the Midheaven is Venus in the Tenth house, not quite conjunct, too far away. Notice the double Moon influence influencing Hís Midheaven. What are the two Moon influences? What is the ruler of the Midheaven. Venus The ruler Venus is opposite the Moon. What planet is exalted in the sign of the Midheaven? What planet is exalted in Taurus? Moon. We want you to see that, and most people would not see that. They would not associate the Moon with Taurus. But when you think about the Moon being, what we said was gravity, and the Moon being insecure and holding, and the fierceness that a mother holds a child, itís Cancer and Taurus. Therefore, that shows even more why the Moon has such attachment; and it shows even more another face of the Taurean attachment. Therefore, in the context of the imbuement, first of all there the conflict between Venus and Moon is very significant. It suggests that there may be attachments, for instance, to pleasure; perhaps to women (Venus); and to security. The fact that the Moon is at the bottom of the chart emphasizes that more. To become solid, to be imbued with solidness, steadiness instead of rockiness and insecurity, changeability--thatís the issue for H. The changeability of the Moon is in opposition to the ruler of the Midheaven. The two planets associated with the Midheavenís sign (Moon because itís exalted in Taurus, and Venus because it rules Taurus), are in opposition. So stability versus insecurity and variability, the development of center, the development of divine solidity, the allowing of divine solidity to imbue the chart.

The Pluto square Midheaven is very close. Itís a two degree orb. There is a very strong semi-sextile to Neptune. The other thing that we said before, and we started saying it today is that itís the intersection of the spirit and matter. Therefore, since the spirit enters matter at birth, it also suggests the issues, if there are some, with the spirit entering matter. In charts like Hís, more importantly in charts like Lís where the orbs are even tighter, spirit entered matter and found matter not hospitable; found things in the infantís environment that were very, very challenging. This is a very important teaching and one that you can use with other people. We would not however just say to someone, boy, you had a crappy infancy. We would if you were working in a therapeutic role suggest to yourself in working with them, that the infancy was challenged, and that there are some things to be cleared if the spirit is to find an easier road to imbue itself with matter. The same with Cha. Wasnít her Mars pretty close to opposite her Midheaven. And with the square too in Hís chart with Pluto. All those imply that kind of challenge. Do C. or S. have the square or the opposition strong? So it was not so much a matter of infancy for C, but there was still a background energy around it.

L: S. has a 1 degree opposition to Mercury, and a 2 degree opposition to Jupiter.

A: However, if you had to choose, would you choose an opposition from Mercury or Jupiter?

L: If I had had a choice I would have taken that over what I have.

A: We are glad you say that because it illustrates the point we are about to make. It depends on the planets involved. Nevertheless, letís look at S. This is Scorpio-Taurus, Tenth house, Fourth house. We think that it manifested in your life as a pressure to be ordinary, and it was a pressure that was not hard pressure but pervasive. Do you relate to that?

S: Thatís excellent.

A: We synthesized those factors: Taurus, first of all, Fourth house, so the conventions show up. Jupiter is also not the most radical planet usually, and in Taurus it certainly is not. And it became the party line because of Mercury and the consensus because of Jupiter. For S., itís almost like her enemies are masquerading as friends, and the patterns that stultify her are masquerading as patterns of protector. Do you see how much depth you can get from one point and its connections. Thatís part of what we wanted to teach you today. One could do an entire reading simply on the Midheaven and its aspects it rules.

Going back to Cha. for a moment, with the Mars opposite, she was born into hostility; she was born into dissatisfaction with the Mars in Virgo there. She was born into an environment that did not accept her with the Mars there, a rejecting environment. With Pluto square Hís Sun, as some of you know, his history involved his father dying within five months which certainly disrupted the entire family constellation. But there were even issues and challenges before then. What we see is this, that the environment he was born into was loud. Think of Pluto in Leo: loud, intense. And it shouted down, it shouted so loudly; there were so many demands, so many presences, so many conflicts, so much energy around him that the Venusian-Taurean peace was quickly overshadowed.

Since Jupiter is the ruler of Chaís Midheaven and itís in the house associated with Pisces, thatís another interesting reinforcement. You see how many levels we can do this at? We can focus just at the house of the ruler of the Midheaven; just on the sign of the ruler of the Midheaven; just do the aspects of the ruler of the Midheaven; just do the aspects of the Midheaven itself. It is so rich. With Chaís ruler of the Midheaven in the Twelfth house, there is a great draw to the spirit because there is a double emphasis there. And itís a Ninth house Midheaven. The aspects to the Exaltation Lord are also important. Remember how when we worked with Hís chart, and how the Exaltation Lord was opposite the Lord, the Midheaven. If there is a relationship between the Lord and the Midheaven and the Exaltation Lord of the Midheaven, that can be particularly potent in describing a lot of the entire issues around imbuement and ease of imbuement. So each of you look at that.

With Scorpio there is no Exaltation Lord in common astrology. However, there are those that say that the planet Uranus might be the Exaltation Lord of Scorpio. Perhaps some people would also say the co-ruler, Pluto, could be. You could look at that yourselves and see what you find. But let us adopt Uranus for a moment as the Exaltation Lord. Donít you two (C. and S.) have Uranus focal? (Yes.) Do either of you have Uranus in relation to Mars? No aspect at all. Mars is in Taurus, and Mars is in Scorpio, and your Uranus is in Leo? Cancer and Leo.

S: Cancer for Uranus, and Scorpio for Mars. Itís a wide trine: 11 degrees Cancer versus 5 Scorpio.

A: Thatís countable. You can allow that orb. Theyíre trining. This again therefore represents an assistance in the journey. Your Uranus is in the Seventh. Is not the Seventh house symbolic of the I-Thou dance. Again, it reinforces the issue of the Scorpio, divine marriage..

C: Uranus is 3 degrees Leo and Mars is 29 degrees Taurus.

A: That sounds like they are almost another aspect. If Taurus were in the next sign of Gemini, they would be sextile. So there is a 60 degree position between them, approximately. Always notice that. There is an energy there even if itís not sign wise. Thatís not negligible.

It is very interesting because whereas the Ruler of the Midheaven is in its opposite sign which is again a very significant fact, as the Ruler of anyoneís Midheaven to be in the opposite sign as it is for you, represents the demand for a greater degree of alignment, the challenge of a greater degree of alignment because the energies are opposite. In other words, what we are saying is that you may at times feel like you resist your own destiny. At times you may feel like you resist your own cosmic union in this case. Do you ever feel like that?

C: Yes.

C: We also perceive that the Uranus in Leo at Sunset creates a greater demand on you to resolve these issues so your life does not let it simply shovel it under the carpet.

A: Back to Cha. Her Venus is conjunct Pluto; her Venus is sextile Jupiter. That is again a facilitation. That suggests that her basic nature, especially with the Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant--take every factor into account--is going to align with her Midheaven. Her basic nature is going to want to manifest the cosmic compassion and cosmic union that the Pisces Midheaven is questing for. There may be in fact great potency because of the Pluto there in that manifestation, power of impact. However, the Exaltation Lord Venus conjunct Pluto also has a challenging side to it in that it suggests that she will at times meet opposition because Pluto often is the bringer of opposition and in transforming experiences.

L: She also has an exact Sextile to Neptune.

A: Before we talk about that, we want to turn to L. May we say that your mother was a symbol of opposition to you. Now you see another meaning of Pluto conjunct your Moon. There is often opposition where Pluto is, especially if it aspects something strongly. There are oppositions to Hís innate spiritual authority because Pluto is square his Midheaven. Pluto is in some way a significant planet of opposition. L., you are saying Neptune is sextile what?

L: In Chaís chart Neptune is sextile Venus. Isnít Neptune also the ruler of the MC?

A: In the modern method yes. It is also the higher octave of Venus. Mercuryís higher octave is Uranus. Venusí higher octave is Neptune. Marsí higher octave is Pluto. That in itself is an implicit relationship. Youíre right L. Many people would associate Pisces with Neptune, and therefore there are three planets. Isnít Neptune also trine Jupiter? Yes. You see that all three associates of the Midheaven are in harmonious relationship. That suggests the likelihood that there will be access to this gift from birth, in addition to the opposition to it from Mars, meaning that that gift is not accepted at birth. An unaccepted gift is a very difficult thing to bear with. It is a very valuable point, both because of Neptuneís association with Pisces and with Venus.

This is tangential but we wanted at least to say a sentence about it. We therefore encourage everyone to look at the relationship of Mercury and Uranus in a personís chart; of Venus and Neptune in a personís chart; of Mars and Pluto in a personís chart. Does anyone have a Mercury-Uranus aspect?

L: I have a Mercury-Uranus opposition. Mercury is on the MC opposite Uranus.

A: Therefore you can understand that that again explains on another level the need for alignment between the lower mind and the higher mind. It is like a difficulty separating one from another, and separating the high from the low, and wheat from the chaff, and again feeling safe to know with the higher mind.

H. has Venus sesquare Neptune virtually exactly--a challenge in relationship with the planet that rules the Midheaven and its higher octave. This suggests a deep challenge in accepting love and accepting authority in some ways--his own and others--because of this challenge. We would really say it is an integration issue, integrating the wisdom of Neptune into the everyday of Venus. But itís also such a strong connection that that journey will be done just like Lís. In some ways the strong connection makes it a challenge but makes it something that is going to be grist for the mill.

C. Is a perfect example of Mars square Pluto. She also has the higher octave planet square the lower octave planet. Therefore, the issue of her truly owning, for example, her capacity. We want to make that clear. We did not say that L. does not have higher mind. We did not say that H. does not have vision. We did not say C. does not have power. You have it, you express it--each of you--but accepting it personally is the challenge.

L: Aligning with it.

A: Aligning with it, owning it, recognizing it, letting yourself receive the proper acknowledgment for it. Those are issues, arenít they? And even wanting the power for you, C. because the square is the most disintegrative aspect. You donít always know you want it, do you? You donít always let yourself have it, do you? But thatís part of your destiny. To let yourself. Isnít it? This is very, very important.

C: I think sometimes I have a flash with my teaching that itís not really about this body stuff, helping people do their healing through the interactive power. Maybe that Pluto-Mars connection to MC would talk to that issue?

H: Yes. I would say that the cosmic I-Thou dance is incredibly powerful and empowering. That you are going to do a transformational journey with each of the people which will transform, help them die and be reborn, and just have a tremendous renewing impact on people, and a powerful impact.

C: But to give them their power back.

H: The issue is letting you yourself have it.

C: I have to do that. I had to learn that.

H: Thatís what youíre saying--that it assists you in helping others because it is your own issue.

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