The Transit Oasis
When Less is More
By Hank Friedman

[Note: during the 47 years that I've been practicing astrology, I've focused primarily on the Outer Transits, I.e. those made by transiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Early on, I saw that transits by the inner planets had much less impact most of the time, often even going by unnoticed. I also keep the aspect set small too, limited to conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions, plus semi-squares and sesquares for Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto transits.]

Most astrologers think, quite correctly, that the more transits that you are having during a period, the more likelihood that they will manifest in external and internal events and changes.

But what about the Transit Oasis? This is a term that I just coined to describe a period of time when a person is having no major transits (i.e. by transiting Jupiter through Pluto).

During a Transit Oasis -- which I've paid attention for decades with my clients -- the person experiences freedom and space. They aren't pulled in one direction or another, or flooded with planetary impacts; instead they are clearer, more grounded, and more able to steer their Life Ship in whatever direction they want to.

In other words, no part (planet) is amplified by transits, and so they can be themselves much more easily.


When Less is More

Just last week, I had one of the most profound days of my life. I cleared deep old fears, got in touch with a truly major pattern in my psyche and released it, and felt profoundly changed.

During this day, I had no planet-to-planet transits at all. None. I was in a true Transit Oasis.

Except for three transits to my Ascendant: Sun trine, Mars sextile, and Jupiter opposed Ascendant.

Since there were no other transits happening to muddy the space or pull me in multiple directions, this trio could exert their influence fully, purely, and completely unimpeded. (On, of course, the most important point in the chart, the Ascendant.)

I believe that I'm introducing a radical new concept about transits here: less is more. It is in keeping with the Ideal in Acupuncture: the true Master only needs to place one needle in a person's body.

In other words, when a major (or even minor) transit has "a clear playing field", it can exert its maximum effect.

However, I'm not discounting the view that a transit pileup is impactful, i.e. that there can be a cumulative effect of many major transits happening at once. Not at all. That's where the AND principle comes in. Both approaches are valid and effective. I'm just introducing a second one to complement the first one.

So please, pay attention to your Transit Oases, and especially when one transit of importance operates during a Transit Oasis.

Note: If you use too many aspects, or too many points in your charting (asteroids, transneps, other angles, Arabic Parts, midpoints, etc.), then you will be unable to see Transit Oases in action because there won't be any. Please keep the points and aspects that you use to a minimum, in order to use this principle. And keep your orb to one degree applying and separating, for the same reason.

P.S. More on the AND principle: In a world where people are so terribly polarized about politics, gender, race, financial status, and even science, I've become growingly aware that if both sides of any binary (this or that) position are closed to the other side, a great deal is lost.

On the other hand, if one stretches and opens to the possibility both that the other side have reasons for believing what they do (not just insanity) and that there might even be wisdom on both sides of a polarity, much can be gained, including compassion, the possibility of greater communication, and resolution and change.

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