Insights on Partiles, Passion, and Sexual Deviance

by Hank Friedman

[Without the incredible tutelage and guidance of my Vedic Guru Hart de Fouw, I couldn't have written any Jyotish articles.]

In my article , The Problems with Passion, I explored the astrological criteria that indicates that a person may have a distorted or inflamed libido, and then I gave examples of famous people who had to navigate this karma.

What I didn't emphasize, however, was that the configurations for exaggerated sexual issues take two separate forms: amplification and aberration.

What separates the two, although admittedly these divisions are not firm, is whether the malefic involved is Mars or Saturn.

(By way of reminder, the general passion combination formula is that either the Moon or Venus is with or aspected by Mars or Saturn, and at least one of the planets is in exaggerated strength or weakness. Exaggerated strengths include Retrograde and the Bright Moon, and Exaltation. Exaggerated weaknesses include Combust and the Dark Moon, Planetary Wars, and planets in their weakest sign (called fallen, debilitated, or Neecha).

In first four charts in this article, which were chosen by name and not by looking at the charts, I was surprised to discover for each the presence of Partile aspects, i.e. aspects that are within a one degree orb. This confirms the principle that the closer an aspect is to exact, the more intense the results.

If Mars is the malefic in the combination, then an amplified and aggressive libido are often present.

But if Saturn is the malefic in the combination, then many different types of sexual distortion can be manifest, including sexual repression, chastity, prudishness, and self-denial, and also pedophilia, predatory actions, and other forms of sexual deviance.

What sparked my reexamination of the passion combination was the rising Me Too movement and in particular the calling out of specific famous people.


In looking at the charts of several of the most famous examples, I found exact aspects (partiles) between Saturn and the Moon in the charts of:

Harvey Weinstein (Saturn square Moon -- with Saturn Retrograde)

(Although many Vedic astrologers would ignore the square between Saturn and the Moon in Mr. Weinstein's chart because it is a forward square, clearly it is very active and within 3' of arc of partile.)

R. Kelly (Saturn square Moon -- with the Moon Dark.)

The birth time for R. Kelly is unknown, and it's possible that the Moon wasn't within a partile aspect with Saturn, but both Mars and Saturn aspect the Moon in any case, and clearly Saturn's distortion themes are at play in his life.


Charlie Rose (Saturn square Moon -- with Saturn Fallen and Retrograde, and the Moon Bright)

Again, the square to the Moon by Saturn is a forward square, but definitely partile, and Saturn also aspects Venus tightly, and Mars also aspects the Moon. He has a full blown passion combination.

Astrologically, Saturn is often associated with both the misuse of authority and also age differences in sexual relationships, which are certainly present here.

Note: In writing this article, as mentioned earlier, I discovered that while Vedic astrology emphasizes the backwards square over the forward square, the directionality of the square doesn't seem to matter in assessing these patterns.

And when I list these as exact aspects, in some cases the squares are slightly over 1 degree, which doesn't again seem to make any difference.


What about Jeffrey Epstein?

As perhaps the most notorious sexual offender in recent times, Jeffrey Epstein did not have Saturn directly involved in his passion configuation. (However, Saturn is in a Parivartana Yoga with Venus, and so is actually indirectly involved.)

However, Jeffrey Epstein's chart illustrates another very important Vedic principle: the Planetary War.

A Planetary War occurs when two of the true planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) are within one degree of each other. When planets are too close to each other, they compete for territory and become unbalanced and likely to act out.

He had an exact conjunction (within a degree) of Mars and Venus, which inflamed his libido, and made him much more likely to run amok.

The fact that Mars rules the First House and Venus rules the Seventh House further amplifies the combination, and his Raja Yoga between the exalted Saturn and Jupiter (lords of houses 4 and 5 respectively) unfortunately gave him the power to fully act out his patterns.


Other Manifestions

It is important to understand that one has to evaluate these passion combinations with great care, as the vast majority of people with such astrological patterns don't cause the harm that these men did.

And as I mentioned before, Moon and Saturn connections can express themselves is many different ways. In the following examples, the passion proforma is met, but the connections are not partile.

For example, in the chart of Mother Theresa:

She has Saturn conjunct the Moon and square Venus, and her Saturn is Retrograde (and therefore has exaggerated strength).

She manifested this configuration by living in extreme austerity and suffering, including regular very painful self-flagellation.

Her passion was not sexual, but instead her chosen path to surrender to the Divine.

Again, her example took a very different expression, yet it does illustrate one of the diverse ways that Saturn can alter the combination.


The chart of Joseph Ignatius Breen, the champion of movie censorship, shows another manifestation of this pattern:

In his chart Saturn aspects a Venus again in a Planetary War, and this configuration shows the roots of his moralism and culturally repressive patterns.


Finally, the chart of Andrea Dworkin paints one more picture of Saturn's influence in a passion combination:

The chart shows Saturn aspecting a Dark Moon. (In Vedic astrology, the forward sextile of Saturn is one of its strongest aspects).

Andrea became the often beleaguered spokesperson for the sexual cruelties and inequities of men towards women.

She understood and proclaimed, years before it was popular, that the pornography industry terribly exploits women, and that the entire legal system favors men.

As such, she became a champion for the fair treatment of women, and only now is her depth of understanding and value becoming fully recognized.

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