Where to get Vedic astrology books

by Hank Friedman

I've used a variety of sources for Jyotish books in the past, including some from India and some based in the U.S., but unfortunately my experience has not always been so positive.

One of the issues is mildew. One of the foremost distributors of Vedic books commonly ships books that stink of mold, which I am very sensitive to.

A second issue is that without having any idea of the content, I usually find that the books I've received are a waste of money. At least 90% of the Jyotish books I've bought had nothing of value in them.

I've just found a source for Jyotish books that solves both of these problems.

Exotic India has a very large collection of Vedic astrology books on sale, and let's you see preview pages of most of the books!

In addition, as I discovered today when I received my first order, the books are incredibly well packed (each one individually wrapped in plastic) without any mildew smell at all and perfectly intact.

The order also arrived very promptly.

[Note: I have no financial relationship with Exotic India. I just really appreciate their fine service.]

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