Ongoing Insights
In Western and Vedic astrology
By Hank Friedman

Updated Monday, February 1, 2021

Articles comparing Western and Vedic astrology

A website visitor mentioned that she had read my article comparing Western and Vedic astrology.

I realized that I've written many articles on this topic, and decided to list several of them here, in case others want to delve into the differences between the two astrologies:

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How I got into Vedic Astrology
and Do They -- Western and Vedic Astrologies -- Blend?

Where in a chart is the "Soul's Purpose"?

I received an email asking this question.

My response was:

"Naïve astrologers think that the nodes are the markers of soul destiny, but in both Western and Vedic charts, everything in the chart contributes to and reflects the soul lessons, purposes, and the destinies of the incarnation."

In Western astrology, every strong aspect, focal planets, predominances, and other noteworthy uniquenesses all indicate a person's specific life themes, as do so many other chart configurations.

Similarly, in Jyotish, the yogas, reinforced and convergent themes, and influences on the Lagna and Lagnesa are only of few of the many factors pointing to a person's unique destiny.

It is vital for astrologers not to have "tunnel vision" or over-simplify by focusing only on one or two chart factors. Every chart is one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated, and therefore each moment (and each birth) has its own individual attributes.

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